O Resgate do Ryan Soldado, cooking spinach, Palawan

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We are lucky because Kumar can buy huge bunches of spinach from a fruit & vegetable wholesale market here in Lisbon. It costs almost nothing to buy and spinach forms an essential part of the Nepalese food I cook at home frequently. With the garlic, spices, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and EV olive oil, it becomes an incredibly tasty part of the meal. I must admit that I loathe the washing and chopping part but it has to be done. That’s what I have been doing this morning and now the spinach curry is ready to be stored in the fridge for use in the next few days.


I watched an incredible movie here two days ago. I don’t suppose anyone has heard of it.  It is:-  O Resgate do Ryan Soldado and translated to English means something like ‘Saving Soldier Ryan’  I don’t usually get too engrossed in most movies but I did with this one. There was also a brilliant documentary from from Palawan in the Philippines, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.  The main theme of this documentary was the illegal sale and smuggling of turtles and I loved the Palawan scenery. The Palawan picture above is not mine. I googled for it.  The Philippines is one of my favourite world destinations and I have discovered some incredible places there. I have also had some very  hair raising moments of danger while travelling inter island on the small pump boats.

I have discovered an effective way to lose weight

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Turmeric, curcumin, Ground.

This morning I was watching the news on Sky TV and I saw a crowd of incredibly obese people protesting outside the Tom Bradley Arrivals Terminal in Los Angeles Airport. I have been a bit overweight in recent years so after seeing that wobbly crowd of protesters on TV I decided to check my weight in the bathroom. It is 98.5 kilos this morning, the lowest for years. My mood is great after seeing that. The last time I weighed myself was about a month ago and I was celebrating getting down to 98.7 kilos. Now I’m down to 98.5 and I’m not going to stop until I’ve lost another ten kilos. It will take some months more I think. Anyway I have now lost 9 kilograms (20 lbs) since I changed my eating habits.

I am not following any plan but I have eliminated almost all sugar and fat from my diet and much of my beloved carbohydrate too. I don’t eat dinner in the evenings but I have a small snack instead, like plain cornflakes with skimmed milk or a banana or an orange. I eat a good lunch and include lots of vegetables and salad.

For breakfast each morning I eat a plain, unsweetened yogurt with some added fruit, strawberries, grapes or banana usually, followed by a little dedicated coconut with black pepper, ginger and a teaspoonful of turmeric. That’s hard to eat so I break my sugar rule and add a small teaspoonful of honey and a little skimmed milk and mix it all and it serves as a tasty breakfast desert.

Losing weight is difficult for most people but it can be done and I’ve proved it to myself. I’m feeling much better in myself .  I’m starting to wonder if taking so much turmeric is changing things in my body because I’ve noticed that any tummy troubles, skin problems, cuts, wounds etc seem to be disappearing really fast since I’ve been taking a lot of turmeric every day. I’m going to research this online as soon as I get the free time. In Luma’s village the people make their own turmeric from the Curcuma longa plant so we get a plentiful supply and more than we can use at home. I bring back a supply each time I come back from Kathmandu but it’s not enough and I need to buy the powder from an Indian shop here in Lisbon.

Has anybody else heard of hypoglycemia ?

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I wonder who has heard of hypoglycemia.  It’s something I have suffered from all my life. I remember when I was a child  I would get dizzy spells when I was too hungry. My mother also had a similar problem. Hypoglycemic sufferers should be careful not to become too hungry because we never know when we can get an attack.  Usually when an attack is coming on, I get warning symptoms. I feel weak and light headed and my hands start to shake. When this happens I need to eat fast, eat anything handy and then lie down for twenty minutes or so until the symptoms have disappeared. I remember one time a few years ago that I felt an attack coming on when I was in a supermarket in Kathmandu. I immediately took a food item off a shelf and ate it as fast as I could. Of course I took the wrapper to the checkout and paid for it. I wonder what the cashier was thinking of me that morning. Very often I carry a small amount of food in my backpack when I go out somewhere, just in case I get an attack.  Or if I have no food I will dive into the nearest shop and buy anything I can to eat fast. I was writing about these experiences this morning and remembered a time when I was in a friend’s home in Winton and I felt an attack coming. I explained this to the friend who immediately found a piece of chicken in his refrigerator, the problem was solved and I recovered in about fifteen minutes.  Not everybody was happy that I had eaten the piece of chicken and at that time I was feeling very bad and wondered if I should offer to pay for the piece of chicken. I wish I could have avoided that situation but when we get an attack, we have to react immediately and eat anything as fast we can or it’s possible to go into a coma in the worst scenario..

I would love to hear from any other hypoglycemic sufferers and know how they deal with the problem. Most people are unable to comment against my blogs here in WordPress because we must have a WordPress ID to do that. But my email address is:-   Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk and same for facebook messages.

The visiting season is beginning.

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We love to have visitors here and we have had lots of guests since we came to live in this tiny apartment but unfortunately we can only accept one person at a time except in very rare circumcisions. The problem is that we only have two bedrooms and one is so small that there’s almost no place to walk in that room. We have an IKEA spare single mattress which guests can use in the sitting room but that room is ridiculously small so when guests are in bed we are unable to use the sitting room at all except for passing through on the way to the kitchen or bathroom. We have been trying unsuccessfully to move to a larger apartment but I think that we’ll have to stay here for several months yet, until the severe accommodation shortage eases in Lisbon.  Lisbon has become incredibly popular with tourists and travellers over the past two or three years and in the high season many hotels and hostels are fully booked and must refuse guests. Except in the cold, monsoon winter season, Lisbon is hot and dry year round, usually between March and November when there are tens of thousands of tourists in every corner of the city.

I’m thinking of having a few days in Tenerife. I wish there were direct flights from Lisbon but we must travel via Madrid or other cities and it’s expensive that way. I also wish there was a sea ferry because it’s really not very far from here. I haven’t had a break for a while so a few days in the warm Canary Islands sounds very appealing right now.


Watching the Donald Show on TV. Dai’s rotis

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I don’t know who else is watching the Donald Show but I find the whole thing pathetic and somewhat entertaining.  This guy has sure hit the headlines around the world and even people in the Himalayas are discussing Donald Trump more than anything else it seems. I do feel sorry for those poor air passengers with US green cards who are being denied entry to the USA at New York and other international airports.  And now we have the judge who has ordered a temporary stay so those passengers cannot be deported.. I wonder how all this is going to end and how Theresa May is now feeling after being photographed holding the President’s hand in the White House.

As bad a cook as I am, I want to learn  how to make rotis. I love them. Rasmi & Rekha used to make them sometimes as an afternoon snack together with potato and pea curry. I miss those days very much and now never have any rotis so I must learn. I’ve seen some videos on the internet so I will follow them and try to learn how to make them. Kumar says that he tried years ago but it always ended in failure. When the girls get here from Nepal, I hope we’ll be getting good rotis and curry again. A couple of weeks ago a local Nepalese friend made some exquisite samosas which she brought here one evening. They were the best samosas I have tasted in my life.  Pooja, do you make samosas and rotis ?

I am gradually getting more online as my eyes improve but I am being very careful and won’t be spending nearly as much time online as before. It means I might not be commenting so much as I used to and sorry about that but I must protect my eyesight first.

Am I the only person who has never been to Starbucks ?

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Beautiful Portuguese Beach..JPG

I feel like I’ve disappeared lately. The truth is that lots of things have been happening here and I haven’t had much time to be online. Going back about a month ago I was having a problem with my eyes due to excessive hours online. My eyes are now much better but we have been bogged down here by things to do and fighting against the bureaucracy here.

Portugal has been cold. I mean cold for Portugal. Parts of Portugal have had minus temperatures but Lisbon has been down to about 4c as far as I remember. The days are mostly sunny and the afternoons warm and up to about 16c in the sunshine. We have been trying to move into a larger apartment but no luck so far. It’s the terrible bureaucracy which is against us. We will have to rent somewhere soon because of our changing circumstances. I am trying to find somewhere which is within walking distance to Kumar’s workplace so that he can save his transport costs. We’ll worry about the girls when they get jobs.

Am I the only person left who has never been to Starbucks ?  People are amazed to hear that but it’s true. I’ve never been nor wanted to go. I don’t drink much coffee and usually have a strong preference for tea. I also have quite a preference for eating and drinking at home except of course when I’m travelling or touring.

Feliz Ano Novo de Lisboa (Happy New Year from Lisbon)

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For those of you who didn’t come to this great city for the New Year, it’s a huge mistake. Lisbon is now the ‘in’ city in Europe and visitors are here by the tens of thousands all year round and even in winter when Lisbon is the warmest capital in Europe. Lisbon is  wide open and the welcome from these amazing Portuguese is as warm as ever. It’s a really friendly country with the most warm and helpful people you can wish to meet.

This evening I would love to be able  to go down to the centre to see our amazing firework display but as in every winter I am having painful problems with my left knee so I have decided to stay at home and let all the younger ones enjoy the night in my place.  Kumar will go down with  Santos, Pradeep and the girls.  We are going to enjoy a bottle of Portuguese champagne with a special lunch today and I think I will have a couple of beers with Phil later. This afternoon a Nepali friend will drop by for a chat as well so it’s going to be a busy day here.

Have fun everybody and happy new year to all my friends and relatives in WordPress and facebook.