While waiting for my AirBNB guests


To all you people shivering in northern Europe, I’m just trying to make you all jealous. But it’s also cold in Lisbon this month. We have only 7c right now at 7:08 am and can expect only 17c this afternoon. That may not seem particularly cold to many people but it is really cold for Lisbonites.  The above picture is of an Algarve beach in the south of Portugal, about three hours by train from here.

I have a guest  from New York State, waiting to check in this morning but the last guest may not check out before 10 am so I’m in no mans land right now; can’t get on with the room cleaning and can’t tell Anita to come straight here to check in.  Anita is from New York State and flew last night from Newark Airport. Her flight landed here at 5:44 am. As soon as I staggered out of bed this morning, I checked her flight status and soon after, sent Anita a welcome to Lisbon text message.

We now have almost 300 reviews in AirBNB and almost all of them are 5 stars.  So we know we are doing things right here.  Of course we have a small handful of poor reviews but they were from nasty types, undesirable guests, cheapskates who roam from place to place in AirBNB, always wanting to pay almost nothing for their accommodation but searching for small things to complain about.  There’s not much we can do to prevent such guests from booking here but we really dislike these people with no scruples. We discuss these guests quite a lot and Kumar can get quite heated about the worst type of guest.  We always know when a guest will be a really bad one, as soon as we greet them at the door. We haven’t been wrong yet. Kumar has settled very well into the AirBNB routine and works hard, often harder than I do but I also handle all the booking and paperwork side of the business and it’s substantial.  I receive enquiries, messages and bookings at all times of the day and night and I wake up and deal with each one almost immediately.  This means that sometimes I am tired in the day time and that’s when Kumar takes over the physical work so I can take a rest.  It’s all working out very well and providing a regular, useful income. Goma will arrive here next Tuesday so I’m sure she will muck in with us and it will sure be good to have an extra pair of hands on board.

We are also working flat out with Kumar’s new booking site. It’s been a mammoth task and most nights Kumar can be found online in his room till well after midnight, working hard with the new platform.  This IT work is a bit beyond me because I’m not so clever with all this technology.  I just do the simpler things and let Kumar deal with the very heavy stuff.  My limits with my computer are sending emails, Microsoft Word, Excel, AirBNB, facebook, WordPress and Yahoo Mail.  I also use Google Translate very much because every day we receive messages in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages and except for English, I am a master of none.  I have an excellent guest here at the moment, from Nantes in France, and she speaks only French.  I am forced to speak in French and I’m no longer fluent at all. I just do my best and look up words which I no longer remember.  Only about half our French guests can speak in English so I have brushed up with my French during these past two years.  German, Dutch, Belgian, Austrian, Scandinavian, Indian and Arabic guests almost always speak excellent English. Luckily. Late last night I had a booking from Vladimir & Tatiana in Leningrad, Russia and it was in English luckily.  Vladimir tries hard with his English messages but maybe we will have to resort to Google Translate when they arrive here. But yesterday morning I had an enquiry from Svetlana in Stalingrad, Russia and it was written in perfect English. I learned in a later message that Svetlana teaches English there in Stalingrad.

New bookings are flooding in right now so I’m being kept very busy.  I quite enjoy doing all the paperwork and messaging but I hate doing the accounting.  Of course anybody can do accounting because it’s easy but for me it’s incredibly boring and a nuisance. I am best at messaging and taking care of the guests.

Well I think I should make my breakfast now, oatmeal with persimmon and banana today.  Then it will be back to my AirBNB work.

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20 thoughts on “While waiting for my AirBNB guests

  1. I wish it’s 17c here cos it must be at least 39c this afternoon, Dai . The picture of Algarve beach is so beautiful. Good to know that business is soaring. Well done, guys! Look like you two have been AirBusyNonstopBusy. Happy working, my friend. _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

    1. Hi Pat and good evening. I’m sure you are already in bed by this time. We had an incredibly busy day but now I’m going to crawl under the duvet and watch something in Youtube.

      1. Good afternoon, Dai. It’s another hot day. I think I can fry an egg on the car bonnet.

      2. Don’t do that, Pat. I can send you a frying pan. Do most people in Kuala Lumpur fry their eggs on car bonnets ?

      3. I think I’m the only one doing it, Dai. Why waste the heat, right? ~ヾ(^∇^)

      4. Well yes, I suppose, Pat. I hope you clean the surface well before frying. How do you clean the bonnet afterwards ?

      5. I don’t clean it, Dai. It’s my hubby’s car…hehehe (人´∀`*)

      6. Wow I never realized that you could be so mean, Pat. Doesn’t hubby say anything ?

      7. Me mean? No. Anyway, he doesn’t know about it. If he knew, he’ll egg-plode!
        (* ˘⌣˘)

      8. Good morning, Pat. It’s me, Dai. But one day your hubby will find those frying and burn marks on his car and he’ll get really mad. Better consider this.

      9. Hello Dai, thanks for the advice. But so far so good, no burn marks. I think it’s a non-stick car bonnet. LOL (´∀`)

      10. I’m glad to hear that, Pat. It might be Teflon. Did he buy it in a kitchen shop ?

      11. Haha..good one, Dai. Btw, I think your rain dance is working. It rained cats and dogs this afternoon. o(^∀^*)o

      12. I knew it. I knew it. I had all the neighbours with me in the street, doing that rain dance specially for you

      13. So you guys were dancing on the street? Wow, I’m really touched. Have a great Sunday, Dai. (⌒▽⌒)☆

      14. Yes we danced all day and all night, Pat. And we were successful. Let me know next time you have a rain problem and I’ll fix everything for you

      15. Yes, Dai the rainmaker! LOL!

      16. Always happy to be of service, Pat

  2. Good evening Dai from snowy Lodz. Winter has been cold this year with lots of snow here. I am looking forward to snowboarding soon. I imagine it must be great for the most part for you to be an airbnb host. What is there not to like about being able to meet people from all over the world and chatting and observing their mannerisms and cultures? I love the idea of any kind of travel business but I realize it’s also incredibly hard work and patience, both virtues that I lack hehe. Have a nice evening Dai!

    1. Hi Pooja and good morning. It’s great being an AirBNB host when the guests are good but it’s the worst job in the world when the guests are bad. Things must always be totally clean and sterile or that unpleasant guest will soon find it and write about it. You may be able to do it in Lodz soon. The income is very useful, Pooja, and that’s of course why we keep doing it. You’ve never struck me as being an impatient person but my nature is really impatient sometimes. You will need the patience of a saint if you do AirBNB. I bet your snow looks terrific but I’m glad we don’t have any. We’ve had a run of several weeks of clear blue skies and sunshine but it has been really cold. Today will only be 15c so we’re well wrapped up. Have a nice Sunday, Pooja. Lots of best wishes from Dai

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