A happy new year wish to all friends and relatives.

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Christmas was a wonderful break here and I had many chances to relax, watch my favourite TV programmes and sleep later in the mornings.  Soon the advance bookings will start for the summer. Clever guests book far in advance before we have set our prices for the summer but this year I have set them early so there might not be the same rush as last winter to take advantage of the cheapskate summer prices. But we will still have great prices. We must because we are not in the city centre.

I drank more wine over Christmas than I intended to although by most people’s standards, it was little I suppose.  On Christmas Day we opened a bottle of Cabriz red, one of my favourite Portuguese reds but too expensive for every day drinking. We also opened a bottle of Casal Garcia white which is a very pleasant Portuguese white. It was bought by one of our guests from the UK and went down very well with the chicken cordon bleu.  Kumar is our chief wine taster and seems to be developing quite a taste for the better wines here.

Kumar with white wine

He is here saying cheers to everybody with a glass of Casal Garcia.

In 17 days Goma will arrive at Lisbon Airport from Kathmandu and Dubai.  It will be an exciting day.  Kumar will be waiting at the airport while I look after our guests. I hope Goma remembers to go to Kathmandu Airport on 14th January haha.

The picture at the top is of our Mercado da Ribeira right opposite to Cais do Sodre station.  It has hundreds of small restaurants under one roof at the market place and is a magnet for visitors to Lisbon who want to try all the various foods on offer.  I highly recommend this food court to all our guests.

Have a Happy New Year everybody.

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6 thoughts on “A happy new year wish to all friends and relatives.

  1. Tamaki Kasuya 29/12/2018 — 1:45 pm

    Hi hangrdai! It’s Tamaki! It seems that you spent a really good Christmas with delicious wine! I went to the mountain with my girlfriend a week ago. It was a really fantastic journey for us! Now I’m writing this new story on my blog. However, I took pictures way too much, so I need more time to write this story. haha.
    Next year, I will show you more beautiful mountain stories and pictures!
    Have a happy new year!

    1. Hi Tamaki. Yes I enjoyed the more peaceful Christmas. And I always enjoy drinking Cabriz wine hic. I am glad that you and your darling went for more mountain trekking. I am looking forward to reading your blog post, Tamaki. Next year is almost here, Tamaki. Will I hear wedding bells ringing from Japan ?

      Have a pleasant weekend my friend.

  2. Hello Dai, no wonder you’ve been rather quiet during Christmas. Looks like someone was enjoying his Cabriz and Garcia. I hope Goma arrived safely in 17 days, unlike poor me – lost my way and ended up in Spain. LOL! BTW, did you try looking for me at the market place. You know how much I love food. Anyway, have a great new year! Cheers to you and Kumar.

    1. Hi Pat. Well yes, that Cabriz could be responsible for some of my quietability. It usually has that effect. Yes, I must tell you that we went four times to that market place, just in case you got lost in there. Kumar is here and shouts hi to you. Enjoy your evening, Pat. I’m waiting here for three guests to arrive and also waiting for an IKEA delivery.

      1. Big hi back to Kumar. I hope the 3 guests are pleasant. I’m going to shut down soon, Dai. Good nite! (︶。︶✽)

      2. I hope so too, Pat. Have a great sleep my friend.


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