A mixed and unpleasant week. The UK in crisis.

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Well thank God that we don’t have this snow here in Lisbon.  It’s further up in the mountains. Today we have bright sunshine and 20c outside the kitchen.  It’s really perfect weather.

This week has been an amazing mixture of good and bad.  We have had great guests and also terrible guests. We can’t choose our guests of course and must just accept whoever books on the AirBNB website.  This morning a great guest checked out. He was Sukhyun from Seoul and he was just 18 but he has flown to the other side of the world alone, for two weeks.  That is impressive for us but I must say that I started even younger than that. I was really exceptional. I was yearning for the outside world when I was only in my mid teens. We also have another great guest from Hornu in Belgium and this is his second visit. This morning the three of us chatted and joked for half an hour before Vincenzo went touring and Sukhyun left for Porto. This is a great business when the guests are great but awful when the guests are bad. About three o’clock this afternoon a Japanese lady will arrive here for five days. Fingers crossed (she is now here and really nice)

I had some personal things to do this week which were depressing, difficult and wrenched my stomach.  But it had to be done and my pressure had to be released. I am fine now and working hard here today.


I am following the ridiculous news from our UK Parliament and I really feel ashamed to be British  The UK is now the laughing stock of the world and our reputation is going down and down, even now here in Portugal as Portuguese people look on with disbelief.  Theresa May has become Britain’s first dictator since Oliver Cromwell and I can’t stand the woman.  She doesn’t listen to anybody and is totally out of touch with the nation’s current mood and wishes. Jeremy Corbyn is one of the UK’s most ridiculous politicians ever and how can the Labour Party ever hope to win an election with that Diane Abbot as Home Secretary. She seems not to have a clue.

Look at Theresa May in the picture above, laughing like a hyena as she gradually destroys our country.



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2 thoughts on “A mixed and unpleasant week. The UK in crisis.

  1. Hi Dai. Long time no see. I must say that the first snowy photo looks amazing. I’ve actually started to enjoy snow and winters now, Dai, as well as the other three seasons obviously. I appreciate that Poland has four distinct seasons, and each come with their own perks and beauty.
    I don’t follow UK politics so I can’t relate. I have stopped following Nepal politics for a long time now, it’s nothing but frustrating. The communist party in power in Nepal currently is slowly tightening its screw on the citizens. Really a grim situation. Hope you had a lovely festive season Dai! I am amazed that you started traveling outside of UK by your mid-teens already! That’s amazing. Happy New Year Dai.

    1. Hi Pooja. Most people can’t associate Portugal with snow and we never see any in Lisbon. But in the central mountains there is snow and a single ski resort. Lisbon is associated with sunshine and warm weather and that is mostly true although last year the weather went crazy everywhere. I want to see the snowfall in Portugal one day because I love the mountains and remoter areas. Christmas was sort of quiet but not too much because we had guests here. I loved being able to relax much more than usual. Happy New Year to you and Stasiek. 2019 is going to be a big year for you, Pooja. Lots of best wishes from Dai

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