I’m ashamed to be British sometimes

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Theresa May the beggar

So the once mighty United Kingdom is now reduced to begging for help from the EU.  I was shocked to see Mrs May flying around the EU yesterday begging leaders for help for the EU exit deal. She got nothing except humiliation. Of course the EU doesn’t want us to leave. They want our money. But I do hate to see Theresa May humiliating our once great country.

I feel ashamed to be British sometimes.  The UK has made an absurd decision to leave the European Union and the great majority of the people who voted to leave have no real idea of why they voted that way.  They are just following others like sheep. Being a member of the EU has great benefits for everybody and there’s strength in unity, obviously. My thinking is now towards having a Portuguese passport which would enable me to hold my head up higher.

I am a supporter of having a European Army too because as history keeps proving, Russia cannot be trusted.  Their latest skirmish with the three Ukrainian ships reinforces this view. Nothing against the Russian people of course but the leadership stinks, as the world knows. I have excellent Russian friends who understand the real situation but the majority of Russian people have no idea of the real situation and what Russia does around the world. Russia has attacked Georgia and stolen a large part of Georgia’s territory. More recently Russia has attacked The Ukraine and annexed a part of its territory.  Not to mention shooting down two jumbo airliners, packed with innocent passengers.  The Russian Government and military cannot be trusted. We need a strong pan European Army and very strong defences along the eastern borders.

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9 thoughts on “I’m ashamed to be British sometimes

  1. It’s called chain reaction, Dai. Did you notice the big chain she’s wearing on her wrist and neck? You’re right about the Russians. Even the way they speak is intimidating. LOL! (*^▽^*)

    1. Good morning, Pat. I’m getting really behind because of so much work here. Yes I know what you mean about Russians. I know three Russians. One is a friend’s wife in Bournemouth, UK and she doesn’t speak like that but just like a Britisher. The other two Russian friends have stayed here with AirBNB and are now excellent friends. But we’ve had several other Russian guests who have been quite unpleasant. One of them behaved terribly and I had to tell her to leave otherwise I would call the police.Now I must run, Pat, have a fast shower, breakfast and then start work. Have a sensational day, Pat.

      1. Hello Dai, I’ve been busy too cleaning the little room that use as an office. Too many unwanted papers and stuff to throw. Gotta de-cluttter to make way for positive energy. Have a fabulous day! ヾ(^∇^)

      2. Thanks, Pat. I am really good at decluttering. The day is a bit depressing here, Pat, because of a death here this morning. Gotta find out how much it costs to send a body and coffin to Kathmandu. Otherwise I’m fine and happy, Pat. TGIF

      3. I’m sorry to hear that, Dai. I think it would cost quite a bit to send the body back to Kathmandu. It’s time to hit the sack…(✿◡‿◡ฺ)zzz

      4. Have a terrific sleep, Pat, and PLEASE try not to snore so loudly tonight I have to wear ear plus sometimes.

      5. I don’t snore, Dai! Maybe your ears are playing tricks on you. ( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO

      6. Well I guess it could be one of your neighbours, Pat

      7. Yeah, it must be the nosy neighbour staying right opposite…LOL! Have a gr8 weekend, Dai! (/^▽^)/

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