Flocky wants to say hello to Tamaki

Hello Tamaki San. My name is Flocky and I am a German Shepherd dog from Kathmandu, Nepal.  I want to send some of my pictures for you to see.

Flocky in her crate. Naughty puppy looking innocent

That was me when I was very young (and very naughty)


When I was young and bored

Flocky sitting on kitchen chair

This is how I am now.   Uncle Tamaki,  do you think I am a beautiful dog ?

Flocky with Luma, Rekh and Raju

It’s me with some of the family: Luma, Rekha and Raju

Flocky waiting for lunch

That’s me again, waiting for my lunch.  I love meat. Do you like meat, Uncle Tamaki ?

Rekha on the bed with Flocky

It’s me again, with Aunty Rekha

Flocky Wocky after bath August 2016

This is what I look like after having a bath.  I hate having baths, Uncle Tamaki.  Do you hate having baths also ?

I hope you like all my pictures.

Best wishes from Flocky in Kathmandu

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11 thoughts on “Flocky wants to say hello to Tamaki

  1. Tamaki Kasuya 03/12/2018 — 9:23 am

    Hello lady! What a cute girl!
    Nice to meet you!! You are so beautiful!!! I’m glad to see your picture a lot! Thank you!
    Yeah, I love meat too! And also I love bathing! lol
    How about your life in Kathmandu? Is it comfortable?
    Your family looks really good people!

    I wish someday I meet with you and hungrydai!
    Thank you very much!

    Greeting from Uncle Tamaki in Japan.

    1. Woof, woof, Uncle Tamaki. I was very happy to get your reply yesterday and thank you for your compliments. Glad you love meat. Life is so boring when I don’t have any meat. Mostly I get chicken but sometimes buffalo. I eat really fast when I get meat. But why do you love bathing ? I think dirty is much better than having that terrible shampoo and water. Yes, I have a good life here in Kathmandu. We have a big house with 3.1/2 floors so I run up and down all day because I must protect my family and stop people from coming here. I think I do my job really well. I have a loud bark so people get frightened away quickly.

      Uncle Tamaki, when you get some bones, please don’t throw them away but bring them here. I love bones but I never get enough.

      Now it’s my time to check every floor again. I must protect everybody woof, woof.

      1. Tamaki Kasuya 04/12/2018 — 9:02 am

        Hey Flocky! You are a good girl! If you can keep safe your family, I will bring you tons of bones! I promise. Have a good day Flocky!

      2. Lots of thanks and I promise not to bite you.

  2. Awesome pic, Dai. Flocky is really beautiful! I wish I have a good shepherd like her. (*^▽^)/

    1. Hello, Pat. It’s me, Dai. Glad you like Flocky’s pictures. Yes she is a beautiful dog but very naughty sometimes. Pat, what are you doing there this evening ? Here we are doing many things, accounts, internet, replying to AirBNB enquiries, cleaning fans, making coffee, washing dishes and more

      1. Hello Dai, my day was similar to yours. Did you know that washing the dishes is free therapy? it’s actually good for your soul. LOL! (*´▽`*)

      2. Yes it must be, Pat, because we change something dirty into something clean. But I wish we didn’t have to do them.

  3. Flocky is beautiful, Dai! I can imagine how much you miss her.

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