Some countries just produce bad guests


I’ve never thought of myself as being racially prejudiced and I like people from everywhere as long as they are decent.  But being in the hosting industry and after talking to many other local hosts in this industry I have come to realise that certain countries consistently produce bad or even terrible guests.

We have so far hosted over 700 souls here and the vast majority have been decent but we have also had 10 or 12 guests from hell and that really puts the whole household into depression when it happens.

I had a guest from a huge eastern European country who said ‘F–K You’ as she was leaving.  My crime was that I could not let her extend her visit by three extra days because we had prior bookings.  This dear woman refused to check out before our deadline but she did check out 1.1/2 hours late when I threatened to bring the police here. Luckily I didn’t have any early check ins scheduled.

I’ve had a guest from a small Central American country (let’s call it CR) who treated me like a room boy for a whole week and even snapped her fingers at me one time when she said  ‘Put it there! ‘  But a few minutes before she checked out, I finally snapped and told her what an awful & rude person she was. That guaranteed an terrible online review.  But I’d do the same again I’m sure. I can only take so much.

I’ve had two elderly ladies from an American country famous for cacti and sombreros who checked out two days early and accused me of being a male chauvinist simply because I could not communicate with them in their native Spanish.  We were actually quite helpless with these two miserable old ladies and we really tried our best to communicate with them. They were very difficult guests and I sure was glad when they’d left.

We also hosted another pair of elderly ladies from a far eastern country out in the Pacific where people speak English commonly,  and they were simply impossible to keep happy. They treated us like some inferior beings and damaged our new furniture too.

We were becoming quite apprehensive of pairs of elderly ladies but our last pair of Chilean ladies were very friendly and a pleasure to host. That sure was a relief.

There are several more examples which I won’t bore you with, unless you want to hear about the large plastic bag of paper and faeces. And you would never believe how some people from the most advanced countries can leave our toilets.  I actually took a picture on one occasion to send to AirBNB but the matter was resolved without the need of the picture. Yes, sometimes guests leave the toilets like this.

Yulia Vera & partner

We also get wonderful guests from the countries which produce mainly terrible guests but they are really exceptions.  We are very careful never to show any prejudices. It’s against the rules of our hosting company.  So we treat all guests as well as we can and hope for good reviews from most of them.  Some guests just don’t seem to like giving good reviews, no matter what we do for them. Those are the unpleasant people who search for very small negative things to highlight in their reviews. Many of these are just cheapskates who pay maybe $15 to $17 per night for a great room but expect the standards of  the Hilton or the Ritz.  Let’s face it, people stay here because it’s cheap. They say all sorts of things but the main reason is that our rooms are cheap and great value. We sure are not the cheapest and don’t intend to be.  The cheapest of rooms in Lisbon are often windowless stuffy boxes and attract people who infest the rooms with bedbugs and fleas etc.  Many of Lisbon’s hostels and some hotels get infested with bedbugs.

By far the worst review we ever had came from a citizen of a huge and cold country in the west. A country that I really love.  That person complained of filthy accommodation, my rudeness and mould growing on the bedroom walls here.  This was a really amazing review because although the person had booked to stay here, he never actually showed up. That’s right, he never even stepped foot in my home.  My hosting company realised this from our correspondence record and deleted the fake review. Of course that episode really left me deep in thought as to why he left that review.  I think it was a conspiracy.

In spite of everything we are Superhosts with 92%  five star reviews. I don’t know how I do it because I don’t have the patience of a saint

Germany,  Belgium, UK, The Netherlands, Morocco, Algeria and Scandinavian countries send us consistently excellent guests but there were exceptions of course. We have even had guests from Iran, Ecuador and The Yemen,  Maybe one day in the future we will even get guests from North Korea.




26 thoughts on “Some countries just produce bad guests

  1. The photo was too much for me, Dai! Yuck. How can people be so rude and uncivilized.
    I was guessing the countries and smiling as I read your blog post. I’ve been to several airbnbs in the past and have made sure to treat the host and their place with respect, and I’ve been treated the same. I wonder how guests from Poland or Nepal are, if you get any?

    1. Hi Pooja. Yes, that picture is disgusting but imagine having to clean the pans after some people. We have to do it. One man left us a large bag of used toilet paper after a two week stay. I was so disgusted but I had to seal that bag and take it to the garbage container. How are you this morning, Pooja ? Will you have Christmas with Stasiek’s family ? Will you have a tree at home ? I wish we could but we have precious little space here due to renting rooms in AirBNB

      1. Hard work, Dai but if you have the right guests I think it’s rewarding and fun too , meeting people from all around the world right at your home.
        It’s freezing out here Dai. I need to really start wearing more layers.. Yes like every year I will celebrate with Stasiek’s family. Christmas eve feast is really delicious here in Poland! I am certainly looking forward to that. We do have a small Christmas tree but that works okay for us. Do you get many guests through winter too? Lisbon is really a popular city!

      2. Last year we had guests right through the winter. Both rooms were full even on Christmas Day. But this winter the tourist numbers are well down. I think it’s because of the awful weather we have been having

  2. Hello Dai. I’m so sorry to hear about those guests from ‘hell’. They must be such unhappy people and looked like they were just throwing their frustrations at you. And some people like to put others down to feel more superior. So, my wish for you is that you’ll have only good and pleasant guests in future. Have a good day, my friend. (*^▽^)/

    1. Hi Pat. This is me, Dai, Thanks. I’m not sure how long we’ll be doing AirBNB but definitely not permanently. It’s hard work and sometimes there’s no appreciation. I want a more easy life I think. You have a good day too, Pat,, Not so much left of it for you.

      1. It’s a very stressful job, Dai. Yeah, I’m thinking about a more easy life too. Should we rob a bank? LOL! It’s almost dinner time soon. Gotta run…( ゚▽゚)/

      2. Good idea, Pat. Let’s make a foolproof plan to do the robbery without getting caught.

      3. Cool, sounds like a plan. Have you watch the crime/comedy movie “Going in style”? If you have not, please watch it first cos it’ll be very helpful with our plan.
        _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

      4. Bom Dia, Pat. We have a great morning here but it’s only 12c yet, at 7:42 am I’m just about to have my oats and think of what I have to do today. Enjoy your day, Pat.

      5. Thanks Dai, bom dia in Malay is “Bomb him” Hehehe Do you have oats every morning? I stop taking oats cos it caused a lot of problems to my teeth. Have a good Wesnesday, Dai. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

      6. Wow, do oats cause teeth problems ? I must research that urgently because I am getting strange problems with my teeth.

      7. I don’t know if it’s just me cos I have friends who told me eating oats does not give them any tooth problems. Here’s an article for your info

      8. Funny, Pat, because I was just researching this subject after reading your recent comment. Good morning, Pat.

      9. Good evening, Dai. It’s almost dinner time. I’m so lazy today. Just having some leftover claypot chicken rice and I’m going to fry some noodles. Have a pleasant day, Dai! (*^▽^*)

      10. Hi Pat. It’s me, Dai. I’m always lazy these days, Pat. I had to go out today, to a home improvement superstore. We bought paint, primer, brushes, Polyfilla and several small items for the house. I’m tired now, Pat, so I will jump into bed now.

      11. Hi Dai, my hubby does all the repairs in our house. But most people here would just call the repairman. Hmmm….no wonder we are all so tired. Btw, how’s our ‘bank’ plan coming along? LOL!

      12. Well the manager called the police yesterday when I asked about all their security precautions. I think I need you here

      13. Haha…I like your honesty but I don’t think it’s good for the plan, Dai. Best you watch that movie first. LOL! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

      14. Well I haven’t seen that movie yet, Pat, but I have just added it to my ‘movies to watch’ list

      15. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this movie, Dai.

  3. Sad to know about the bad experience, Dai. There are strange people everywhere. What they forget is that while traveling overseas, you are yourself an ambassador for your country. So the impression a person leaves on the hotel team is not only about how good/organized/punctual/cooperative a person is himself.. it also creates positive vibes about their people. Hence when you abuse hotel staff or cause inconveniences, you are not just creating a negative image of yourself only, but also about your country and people. I believe so.

    1. Yes, I think the same, Manu. We don’t host for fun. We host for an extra income, mainly for my nephew and his wife. I have been suggesting that we stop because I want a restful retirement but they very much want to continue.

  4. Awful experiences for you! It’s hard work but the pleasant guests make up for the dreadful ones. I know of one host who was so rude to her paying guests that her son made her withdraw the house from AirB&B.

    1. Greetings, Barbara. I can’t understand hosts being rude to their guests but that must exist. We treat our guests in a friendly, polite and respectful way but as soon as we see some guests, we know we are in for a bad experience. They show their true colours right at the door when they first arrive But on the other hand we’ve had several guests who have been in tears when checking out and they’ve kept in touch after that. We’ve had some guests who were so happy here that they didn’t want to leave. It’s been an amazing experience. What are you doing there today, Barbara ?

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