It’s me again.

Lisbon after dark

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I’m beginning to feel like I’ve lived in Lisbon forever. That was until this morning when the facebook postman brought me a video from home in Kathmandu. The video was about Raju taking Flocky for a walk and when I watched that, I felt an overwhelming desire to be in Kathmandu today.  I watched the video several times and saw my naughty dog get so excited to be going out with Raju that she was even trying impatiently to open doors herself.  I wish I could post that video here but I have no idea how to do that.

This morning I saw one of the best sunrises of my life and couldn’t stop watching. The whole sky from the east turned red and silver and I wished I had enough photography skills to be able to capture that scene.  I have an amazing panorama here from the kitchen balcony so I can see across the rooftops to the nearby estuary.

We are on tenterhooks here because the Portuguese Embassy in Delhi has sent Goma’s passport back and we are praying that she will have her residence visa stamped inside. We should know within the next two or three days and if all is well, she should be arriving here in Lisbon within a few days. She will be the first family member to arrive here.

Three naughty girls with Raju.jpg

I really liked this picture of Flocky with Rekha, Rasmi and Raju.  Rasmi sent it a few days ago. Flocky is sitting in such a dangerous place, high above the stairs with no guard rail.  She just wants to be always with the people she loves and protects. She doesn’t care how uncomfortable or dangerous as long as she is with her family. It is always so exciting to get pictures, messages and videos from Kathmandu.

Good morning, Pat. Thanks for sorting out my WordPress problem.

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15 thoughts on “It’s me again.

  1. Good morning, Dai. How have you been. Your Kathmandu family looks beautiful in that photo after the bhaitika. I just came back from Nepal myself. It was fantastic, I hope Goma has the resident permit stamped inside her passport too! I love sunrises and sunsets too, although we’re starting to see less and less of the sun here.

    1. Hi Pooja. This is me, Dai. I’m well but my eyes get very sore sometimes. We are all on edge here, hoping that Goma has her visa to travel. Did Stasiek go with you to Nepal? Or did you fly alone ? It’s an even longer flight from Lisbon with a change in either Istanbul or Dubai.

      1. Hi Dai. Let me know what happens with her visa! I flew alone Dai. I stayed for three and a half weeks and Stasiek doesn’t have that kind of annual leave cuz he works on a different type of contract than I. The flight time was actually not that bad for me, a 5.5 hours flight to Doha from Warsaw and a 4.5 hours to Kathmandu from there, really decent. 🙂

      2. Good morning, Pooja. Okay I will. So you saw that monster yellow teddy bear in Doha Airport. I think it looks so ridiculous but maybe some people love it.

      3. I didn’t really think much of the teddy bear Dai, just neutral decor for me hehe. When I flew back, Doha was cloudy and it had just been raining! It was certainly interesting seeing that since all of my flights to and from Doha in the past were sunny days.

      4. Wow that is amazing, Pooja. I have never seen rain in Doha. Those days are rare I think. Raju (Kumar’s younger brother) works in Doha, for Qatar Airways. But he’s home in Nepal for the next few days. Have a sensational day, Pooja. I will be taking it easy because we had drinks and a late night yesterday.

  2. Good evening, Dai! Good to know all is well with your blog now. This is another great post and the picture is awesome. Flocky’s such a good girl. Rekha & Rasmi are very pretty. Raju captured a great shot. I hope Goma’s passport will be sorted out soon. Have a good weekend, my friend. (*^▽^)/

    1. Hello Pat. This is me, Dai. Just finished the two guest rooms at 2 pm so now I can have some relaxing time while washing and drying the laundry at the same time. I feel like having a glass of cold wine but we’ve guests arriving from Brazil so I will wait till evening. What are you doing there, Pat ?

      1. Good morning, Dai. It’s a lazy Sunday. I woke up late and just had breakfast. Don’t think I’ll do much today, it’s a very hot and best to stay indoors. Happy Sunday to you, Dai.

      2. Thanks, Pat. I got up late too,about fifteen minutes ago. I’m just waiting for my porridge to thicken. Most people don’t wake up hungry but I always do. I guess it’s because I don’t eat dinner in the evenings. I just have a very light snack. Here it’s tippling down and feels cold and damp. Send some of your sunshine please.

      3. Sending you some e-sunshine right now, Dai! Do you feel the warmth yet? °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

      4. Well I can, Pat. But maybe it’s not your e-sunshine but because the rain has stopped here and it’s just cloudy. Have a nice evening, Pat. Maybe you are starting to feel sleepy now.

      5. Yeah, almost time to hit the sack. Good night, Dai….(≚ᄌ≚)ƶƶƶƶƵƵƵƵƵƵ

      6. Good night, Pat. I will relax on my bed now, listen to the radio and relax my eyes.

      7. ( ु⁎ᴗᵨᴗ⁎)ु.zZZZv

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