A rare entry from Dai, AirBNB guests, climate change and recycling

A rare blog from:-         Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk

Wonderful view of Rossio Square

I don’t know where to begin, it’s been so long and I’m not used to writing anything these days.

The summer was quite an ordeal this year. Six months of heat and dry weather was finally relieved yesterday as the tail end of the latest hurricane hit Lisbon briefly. Today I’m actually feeling cold and I’m thoroughly enjoying that. There can’t be many people left who doubt that man is destroying our wonderful planet by causing climate change. But it seems to me that very few people are prepared to take action to stop the destruction.  I,  for one, am prepared to go to almost any length to do my bit to save our planet. I am prepared to eliminate meat from my diet, I am almost vegetarian in any case. I am prepared to use public transport instead of driving a car around.  I already do this although I might buy an electric car in the future. I am prepared to recycle every small thing that I can. I already do this. One thing that I cannot do right now is to plant trees. I wish I had somewhere where I could plant them and grow my own organic fruits and vegetables I hope that day will come. I already use as little plastic as possible and reuse those inevitable plastic bags as many times as I can. When I see the disregard for recycling here, I am always shocked. People just don’t bother, don’t seem to care. I get mad when I see this.

I had a recurrence of my red eye problem a few weeks ago and it lasted quite some time before finally disappearing. These days I use my computer much less to avoid having eye strain. I’m fine again now but I need to take care.

Having AirBNB guests has been an amazing experience for us. We meet guests from all corners of the world. Yesterday two guests from Germany and one from Hong Kong  checked out and a guest from Ukraine checked in. This evening, a middle aged couple from Quito, Ecuador, will arrive here; Carlos and Ana Maria

Whilst the majority of guests are nice people, not all are nice and we’ve had some really terrible people here too. Maybe 5% or one guest in twenty will not be friendly. I dislike having such guests and feel very happy when they depart and we can relax again. German and British guests are consistently good, quiet, friendly and very considerate. We also get guests from Morocco and Algeria and they are consistently excellent, very friendly, polite and calm.  Recently we hosted our first guests from The Yemen, a diplomat and his wife. They were really excellent guests and I would love to meet them again one day.

We have a list of countries which produce many unpleasant guests. This list is very private obviously because we also get excellent guests sometimes from these countries and I would never wish to cause offence to good people.  But in general we dislike, loud, brash, over confident people and people who have little or no consideration for others or people who think they are better than others.

We get mostly excellent reviews from our guests. Well we’ve also had a few bad reviews too, always from those obnoxious guests who look hard for something to complain about.  Our typical reviews are like this:-

Anthony is a fantastic host, we really enjoyed our time in Lissabon. The room was very clean and well organized. I will book Anthonys room again everytime I travel to Lissabon. Greetings from Germany!


Response from Anthony: 
Thank you Paula for this great review. You were also great guests and I hope you will come again to my home. Hi to Leon also.


When we get such reviews, I feel that all our efforts have been worthwhile. If we were to get many negative reviews I think I would throw in the towel and finish hosting altogether.
Goma will be the first family member to arrive here from Nepal. I or Kumar will meet her flight from Kathmandu at Lisbon Airport. I can’t wait. I get on famously with Goma and we love to chat and sip endless cups of tea together.
Kumar is well but seems to have some sort of eye infection. It could be too many hours on his laptop late at night. He is now working full time at a sushi & pizza restaurant in Belem (Bethlehem). Some nights he brings home delicious pizzas for me to eat next day. Yesterday he came home very early because of the hurricane approaching Lisbon. So instead of pizza, we shared a bottle of excellent, chilled, white wine. That guaranteed me a good sleep.

Welcome to Portugal


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16 thoughts on “A rare entry from Dai, AirBNB guests, climate change and recycling

  1. Great post, Dai! I try my best to recycle everything too. And for some people they think recycling is only for green fanatics. Good to know you’ve mostly nice guests. The 5% unfriendly guests make life a bit more interesting. LOL!

    1. Greetings, Pat. Success. It was so simple when I tried. I had no idea before about that ‘comments’ button even though it’s staring me in the face. WordPress has too many pages and things to click that us oldies get a bit confused. Now what I need to know is what happens when I write another post. I wonder if I will get any notifications for the comments. Big thanks, Pat, for telling me what to do.

      1. More than happy to help, Dai. Happy blogging. See you around. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  2. There were lot things that happened to you,don’t you! 😀
    Oh! During my children in foreign country they stayed at host families,I hope they kept good manners!! XD!!
    (Of course,I did host family,too.)

    1. Good morning Nasuko. Thank you for your comment. Japanese guests are always very polite. They are excellent guests. How are you this morning, Nasuko ?

      1. I’m Fine,thank you!!:D
        Japan is Autumn now,It’s a comfortable!!:D
        Have a Nice day!!:D

      2. Thanks Nasuko. I will try.

  3. Tamaki Kasuya 15/10/2018 — 11:51 am

    Hi hungrydai. Tamaki is here! I always use own bag at the supermarket to avoid plastic bags. Even in Japan, some people throw the trash on the road. Especially, cigarette. I don’t want to see these terrible streets. It makes me negative feeling. So I’m trying to collect good things and good thinking every day. For me, thinking about a hiking and mountain is really good! Anyway, I know you are good man. Take care of yourself and have a nice day!

    1. Hello Tamaki. I hate to see people throwing down their trash for somebody else to pick up. I am always trying to have only positive thoughts too but there are so many bad things in this world and I feel that things are going worse. Sometimes, Tamaki, I wish I could live on a beautiful island and grow all my own food, generate my own electricity and collect all the water I need from the rain etc. But modern man needs doctors/hospitals, supermarkets, satellite TV etc. I need to find a correct balance.

      Where are you trekking to next time, Tamaki ?

      You take care too, Tamaki, Best wishes from Dai

  4. Hi Dai. It’s been a long time. Glad that you’re enjoying the cooler weather. I am guilty of using car in short distances often, but I love driving 🙂 So happy to hear that Goma is arriving. Is she going to study there in Portugal? Hope you will have a nice time this festive season, Dai. I am flying to Nepal on Wednesday! So excited but there’s a lot to finish at work before leaving. I think I will sigh with a relief once I am on the plane. My regards

    1. Hi Pooja. I am getting much better and using the internet again. I dream of having a car but my next one will be electric I think. No, Goma won’t study here because no nursing courses in English. She was refused a Polish visa twice even though she is a bona fide student. It’s such a shame that she won’t be able to get her BSc but she wants to be with the family now. Wow you are so lucky to be flying to Nepal now Pooja. I’m totally jealous. Have a safe flight and talk to you soon. Best wishes from Dai

      1. Wow I am shocked to hear that she was refused Polish visa twice.. Normally Poland is known to have lax visa rules. Nice to talk to you after so long Dai!

      2. Thanks Pooja. I was shocked also. She spent all her money on travelling between Itahari and Kathmandu and then Kathmandu and Delhi.. And a genuine student of nursing also. Anyway, I hope she’ll find a job here and start to save some money again.

  5. Knock, knock, anyone there? This is just a test message, Dai. LOL! Talk to you soon.

    1. Good morning, Pat. Your message has just appeared but I still don’t have the previous message. Wait till I get my oats and then I’ll experiment.

      1. Cancel my comment now. Pat, because things have been sorted out. I hope

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