Will my neighbours think I’m crazy if ……

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Vineyards in Douro Valley

I don’t know what to do here. This afternoon the temperature reached 40c (104f) and these apartments became almost unbearable inside but tomorrow we might have 43c (110 f) and we have several elderly people who cannot dream of buying an air conditioner.  I’m thinking of putting up a notice in the hall downstairs to tell anybody that wants to come to sit in my apartment, they will be welcome.  I have a small air conditioner although that is struggling to keep our place cool in this awful heat. Many people have died across Europe this year because of the excessive temperatures. If I do put up the notice, maybe my neighbours will think I’m a bit ‘over the top’ or quite quirky. Well of course I’m not quite sure how to write such a notice in Portuguese language either.  Maybe I’ll just give it a miss.

I have experienced 48c when living In India and many years ago I spent a week in the United Arab Emirates when the daily temperature ranged from 44c to 48c but in these cases we had air conditioners in the hotel rooms to retreat to.

Well apart from the extreme temperature, all is going well here.  I had an ice cold beer with lunch today which I think was a mistake because it made me feel ever hotter. Tomorrow, no alcohol for me.

The picture at the top is not mine but it is of the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. The River Douro flows through the vineyard covered hills there. I wouldn’t mind living there and growing grapes. It will never happen. You know how I always dream.

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5 thoughts on “Will my neighbours think I’m crazy if ……

  1. Well since writing the above, our weather forecast has been modified and hopefully the temperature tomorrow should only be marginally hotter than today. I will keep watching the situation before putting up a notice.

  2. Citizen of the world 02/08/2018 — 8:35 pm

    Hello Anthony,
    I’m a new follower and I’ve been enjoying your journal entries.
    I think that’s very kind of you to invite your elderly neighbors to your apartment and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it in this horrible heat.

    Let me tell you something about myself, I’m 55 and I’m thinking of retiring in Portugal. But my main concern is the medical services in the country.

    Is it as advanced as the UK or France ? Are there any web sites that rank hospitals with their specialities ?
    Any information would be highly appreciated.
    Best ,

    1. Hello Moaz.

      Thanks for your comment. Medical services here are advanced but maybe not quite as free as in the UK. Apart from getting my EU health card, I haven’t really availed of the medical system here so I know very little except what I’ve read here and there on the internet. I have no knowledge of the website you are searching for.

      Are you at present in the UK ? I hope it’s not as hot there.

      Best wishes from Anthony

  3. Citizen of the world 02/08/2018 — 9:56 pm

    Hello Anthony,

    I live in Bahrain but now I’m visiting London for medical reasons.

    London has been hot but not too bad. Tomorrow is 32 but mostly in the high 20s.

    Lisbon is a beautiful city and I’m healthy over all except for a bad back and other minor issues. But I have to think about the next 10 or 20 years where ever I decide to retire.
    Best ,

    1. I went to Bahrain City only once, overnight, on a Gulf Air long flight connection. It looked very modern and colourful.

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