A very rare journal entry

Sesimbra 1

A very rare journal entry from:-   Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Life has been terribly busy for me, mainly because 14 months ago I started hosting with AirBNB and apart from  two or three days, the rooms have been packed here.  It’s been an incredible experience for me and I’ve met some amazing and wonderful people along the way.  Well I’ve met maybe eight or ten pretty nasty types too but most guests have been fine and some have turned into great friends.  Hosting is very hard work if we do it well. I try my best to do it well.  We have guests of all sorts of descriptions and expectations. I think the most frustrating guests are those who expect five star hotel standards for just a few euros.  And I’ve also learned that no matter how hard we try, we cannot make bad guests happy. They will always find small things to complain about.  They are also usually the people who try to bargain down prices and pay as little as possible. These people don’t give good reviews.

I have four or five times had people crying when saying goodbye at my door. This has an amazing impact on me. Most people love staying here and find us superb hosts and this really surprises me because I don’t think of myself as a great host.  I am always just myself and try to welcome people as best I can.  I always think that I’m not cut out to be a host but it seems that I am, after all. We get mostly five star reviews (90% at present) and I am a ‘Superhost’

Since coming to live in the Lisbon area we have talked about better places to live. I do love this little apartment but I don’t like the area so much. I want to live somewhere less urban. We also have bad neighbours upstairs

Man upstairswho make no effort to control their two year old kid from running wild on the wooden floor above our heads and creating thunder for us for hours every day. And if I bang the ceiling to ask them to be quiet, they get very upset. Only they are allowed to make noise it seems. All other neighbours are friendly here.

The picture at the top of the blog is of a detached house for sale in a very desirable place called  Sesimbra,

Sesimbra-SeaBookingsabout an hour from here. It’s being sold for 329,000 euros which is just 291,00 UK pounds. I guess somebody will buy it for around 275,000 pounds. I wish I could win the lottery because I’d sure be grabbing that place. It has a great kitchen

Sesimbra 2  too so the girls would love it, when they get here.

And take a look at the sitting room. Sesimbra 5If I had that, I would change it to my style and it would look terrific. The only negative thing is that the swimming pool is a bit small but that wouldn’t worry me so much.

Well I have work to do now. I feel like sleeping. It must be that great red wine which Kumar forced me to drink with lunch today.

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16 thoughts on “A very rare journal entry

  1. Hi Dai. It does look like a very nice house! The kitchen looks beautiful and so does the sitting area. I will surely stay in your airbnb when I visit Lisbon one day, Dai! I am sure you’re a great host. I always use airbnb and most of the hosts have been tremendous. But I always rely on reviews before booking, so I haven’t experienced anything negative yet. Do you have any clue when the Nepali family might be getting to Portugal? I just booked my flights to Nepal for Dashain-Tihar and I can’t wait! Also, I am flying Qatar, yay! 🙂

    1. Hi Pooja. Yes that house is very inviting for me but I will not be buying it because I don’t have that sort of cash at the moment. Sometimes I like to dream. I’m happy where I am now although I don’t really like this area. I want something peacefuler. I wish the family was here right now but immigration matters take forever. Kumar’s wife has her interview at the Polish Embassy in Delhi today. If she doesn’t get her Poland study visa she will come to Lisbon but Kumar and her decided it would be wise for her to get her BSc in Nursing before settling here. I think that her visa decision will take around three weeks in Delhi so she’ll have to fly there again and all this flying about is soaking up the money. I’m glad you are flying by QatarAirways. It’s a far better experience and QR has an excellent safety record. Turkish Airlines crashed in Kathmandu Airport about four or five years ago. Can you remember that ? I have a lot of AirBNB reviews, maybe about 210 so far. Most of them are five star but not all. I had some nasties who wrote unfavourable things out of misery or spite or whatever. There’s nothing I can do about getting the nasties here because I have instant booking and we cannot choose who books.

      1. That’s really a trouble with the Delhi back and forth for embassy. Where in Poland is she coming? And why not Portugal for studies? I think the two countries are very comparable in wages and tuition fees both. I hope she gets the visa. Bsc Nursing is a good choice, I didn’t know they had such course available in English here. or is it in Polish?
        Yes I do remember the TA crash in Kathmandu, Dai. To be honest, Kathmandu airport is a disaster waiting to happen. I am always on edge when flying to and from there. We’re baking here, Dai, with the temperatures regularly exceeding 30 degrees in the past couple of weeks.

      2. I’m sorry for her having to go to/from Delhi and face the interview. This is her second attempt. She has chosen Zamosc University, Pooja, even though I suggested she study in Lodz. Yes the course is in English but very unfortunately all Nursing courses here in Portugal are in Portuguese only. I looked in Google Maps and saw that Zamosc is very close to Lodz, just 1.1/2 inches on my map. If she gets her visa, she will be going to Poland in the next 3 or 4 weeks I think.

        Yes, I’m the same, Pooja, always so glad we have touched down safely in Kathmandu. The plane flies so close to those mountainside villages when descending into Kathmandu. And that fierce braking after touchdown on the short runway. I always choose flights which arrive in the mornings because there’s not so much cloud at that time, covering those mountains on final approach.

        It hasn’t been too hot here but it’s really been idyllic. I think this afternoon will be 29c. However in two days time the temperature is set to exceed 40c for three days. Horrible.

        Enjoy the sunshine, Pooja. Have an ice cold beer. I will be doing that after the new guests have checked in.

        Dai with hot tea

  2. Great post and photos, Dai. The house is beautiful. I hope you’ll win the lottery soon. Have a great week, my friend.(*^▽^)/

    1. I’m smiling here, reading your comment, Pat, about winning the Toto Loto. I must win it, Pat. Send me the winning numbers PLEASE.

      1. No worries, Dai. I’ll send you some lucky numbers soon. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

      2. I will send you an email soon, Dai. We can let everyone know our winning numbers, can we?

      3. Thanks, Pat. I’m so excited

  3. It’s a lovely house..I wished you could afford to buy it. Lovely to read your blog.I have been wondering how you were. I guess you will never be surprised at the things people do and say. What a shame that some people are so hard to please. I think that others will read the reviews and see all the positives.. I wouldn’t worry about the hard to please folks. I find that those types of people are also the ones that take up your time, email more with silly questions and dumb things.
    anyway ..take care

    1. Hi Glenda. It’s really good to hear from you. Yes you are dead right. Those unpleasant guests are the ones who take all my time with asking me things that I don’t know, about riding schools, car rentals, surfing schools, ferries to Morocco and many things.

      You take care too, my friend. Hug from Dai

  4. Tamaki Kasuya 02/08/2018 — 12:35 pm

    What a beautiful house! I hope you will get this nice house. There is good people and bad people in the world. And I know you are a great man who work hard with responsibility and knows how the world is beautiful. I thanked you because you always give me good comments. So I cheer you up from Japan!

    1. Hello Tamaki. コメントしてくださってありがとうございます。 Thanks for cheering me up, Tamaki. I am fine today but the weather is much too hot for me. This afternoon we are expecting 40c and by Saturday 42c. Please send me some cold air, Tamaki.

      1. Tamaki Kasuya 02/08/2018 — 4:59 pm

        Wow! 40c! It is a very hot. I wish I could send you cold air, but Japan is now in the oven. Every day over 35c. Very high temperature and humid air is covered entire Japan. Be careful of heat stroke. Have a good day.

      2. Hi again Tamaki. Now it’s getting cooler. We have 39c at 6:14 pm but I am still feeling really hot. Maybe I’ll have another cold shower.

        Enjoy your evening, Tamaki. Are you having a beer there ?

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