Just pausing from a lot of online work

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Portugal energy drink

I think I’m going to have to stop my online work for today. My eyes are getting sore and I need a walk I think.

It’s not often that I get some time to myself but today it  was possible because nobody was checking out and nobody checking in. My guests have gone sightseeing across the river so I have the place to myself. I love that.

I have spent the day working on Kumar’s contact lists for his new website. We’ve got to make a success of his new company. We need a cash injection right now. I bought four Toto Lotto tickets for Wednesday’s lottery and I always dream of winning.  They cost only ninety cents each and  a top prize would only be worth around 100,000 euros probably but we sure could use it right now.  My dream is to be able to send money to Luma in Nepal so that she and her sister can rebuild their two village homes which collapsed in the huge earthquake of two years ago. Sometimes I feel really helpless and useless. Anyway the most important thing is that nobody in our family was killed and everybody is still smiling in spite of this huge tragedy which hit the family two years ago. So many people  around us were killed when their homes came toppling down.  I was really proud of the girls immediately after the earthquake because they found any materials available and built a temporary home in an adjacent field and stayed there with my German Shepherd, Flocky, for six weeks. Because during those six weeks there were numerous aftershocks daily, some very strong.  I would have been terrified of the snakes because there are so many where we live. Take a look at the home they built:-

Emergency shelter after earthquake

We’ve come a long way since that awful day. Luma and the family are gradually collecting and borrowing money to rebuild their village homes. We now have a small apartment in Lisbon which will be our family home when they are able to come here. Thanks to AirBNB we are able to save some money in the bank. But my home is sure not a Utopia. We have neighbours from hell living upstairs and this is a constant cause of stress.  I wish we could afford to move to a peaceful house near Lisbon but far enough away to be surrounded by green trees and plants, with a good garden where I could have a greenhouse and grow all our own organic fruits and vegetables. So back to my dream about winning the lottery and the need for Kumar to make a success of his new company.

Anyway, enough online for today. I’m going to pour a glass of something good and watch the TV for a while.

Happy Easter to all my readers.

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21 thoughts on “Just pausing from a lot of online work

  1. Hi Dai. I hope your family in Nepal is able to rebuild their homes in the village. It is fortunate that everyone is alive and well and smiling. I wish you luck with the lottery too! A house near Lisbon with enough plants and garden sounds great. I personally like living right in the city, but maybe this preference will change as I get older I don’t know. How is your morning going Dai? Have a good day!

    1. Good morning, Pooja. Yes we change as we get older and we think of a more peaceful environment. Having said that though, I think I can be happy living anywhere but I hate being bombarded with other people’s noise. Well my morning isn’t very old yet but so far so good. I have a lot of online work to do and I need to go out too. Unfortunately. You too, Pooja. Enjoy your day if you can.

  2. Good to know that your family is safe, and cheers to the kids who built a house with whatever they got. Wishing you all the very best with the lottery. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Manu. I am still trying the lottery and still winning ridiculously small prizes

  3. Happy Easter Dai!

    1. Happy Easter to you also, Yuulye. Thank you for your comment.

      1. My pleasure Dai 😊

      2. We have heavy rain here this morning, Yuulye. What about there ?

      3. The last rain is two days ago I think. The dry season is starting I guess, thanks for asking 😊
        Was the rain interfering you from doing work? I hope not 😁

      4. Well not with my work, Yuulye but my AirBHB guests hate all this rain. We have disgusting weather this morning

  4. Go to relax in nature 🙂

    1. Difficult to do, Amrita. I have many pre arranged bookings. I wish. I wish

      1. Enjoy your bookings 😉

  5. What an epic task to build a lean to when one is suffering shock and grief. They sound like very difficult times and I was very sad to hear of the devastation in a country that could least afford it. I hope things improve for you, Dai and that the neighbours settle down. Can you speak with them and ask them to tone things down?

    1. I have, Amanda. It makes no difference

  6. Since the beginning reading this post I always wanted to ask about the picture of the Portugal energy drink, is that real?

    1. I am not sure, July. They have everything in the Portuguese flag in the hundreds of souvenir shops. Next time I go to those tourist areas, I will look out for them.

      1. Don’t worry Dai, I just think that is a very cool idea, I’d love to buy something like that if there were my country Flag on the can…

      2. I know what you mean, July. I think it looks really good with the Portuguese flag

      3. Yes it does 😁

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