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I pity everybody in northern Europe with all the wind, ice and snow. We’ve also had an unsettled period recently with plenty of rain which we were desperate for. This morning here in Lisbon we have bright sunshine and in a couple of weeks the weather should be getting much warmer. My new portable airconditioner will be delivered here on Tuesday,  just in time before the heat arrives. The above picture shows one of the beaches in Lagos in the Algarve area of Portugal.

The biggest news from here is that after a very long wait, Kumar is now officially a resident of Portugal and you can imagine how happy he is with that news. He has many places to visit soon, Nepal, Bournemouth, Switzerland, Germany etc. But he also wants to spend a lot more time with the business because there’s a limit to what I can do single handed.


Who has heard of Sintra ?  It’s a beautiful town just to the west of Lisbon and one of the highlights of any visit here.  All my guests make a visit there and this evening I will have two guests from Mexico City and they are on the way to Sintra right now.  It’s a place of castles, magical palaces, forest and hills, great restaurants, flowers and trees. Everybody loves Sintra.

Tomorrow we will have a guest from Malta, that’s a first.  With AirBNB we meet people from all around the world and earn a little money at the same time. It’s very hard work but I love it mostly.  I sure don’t enjoy hosting when we get the occasional bad guest(s) but those are rare.

Well now I must run. I have a lot of work to do and I have to go out to buy some bananas and potatoes.  I have to write to Tatiana in Moscow, Pipa in Bournemouth, Britta in Denmark and several more. I also have to clean the bathroom and cook some dalbhat for dinner tonight. I am really late with all my messaging these days so please bear with me if I am keeping you waiting..

LIfe is great.

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6 thoughts on “My recent news

  1. Hello Dai, that’s a nice photo of the beach. Is that lady in black one of your guests? Happy to know that Kumar is finally a resident of Portugal. Never heard of Sintra but I know Sinatra. LOL! The castle looks amazing. Happy hosting. And don’t forget to cook some extra dalbhat for me. (,,^・⋏・^,,)

    1. Hi Pat. I went to watch the news and fell asleep in the chair. Now I’ve lost my time. I must do some cooking now. What flight will you arrive on ?

      1. Hi Dai, I was on flight – Cloud 9. LOL!

      2. You are lucky, Pat. I wish I could take it that easy. I have just made breakfast for everybody. The sky is black and we have heavy rain. Want some ?

      3. Hello Dai, it’s raining cats and dogs here. Have a nice weekend, my friend.( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

      4. Same here, Pat. And I’m enjoying it too.

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