Finally some time to sit and write

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My life is incredibly busy at the time when I want to retire and relax. I wonder for how long I can keep up this pace. We have been VERY successful at everything we have done here in Portugal so I guess my karma is all good.  I find it impossible to keep up in facebook and I stopped trying long ago.  I do answer all personal messages and emails though.

This is a continuation of my street and just up the hill from me. It’s a pedestrian only street. The al fresco restaurants are preparing their street spaces for the evening diners who come in their droves from across the river.  In much of the year we also have music in the street here with people dancing and drinking. It’s a very carnival like atmosphere. It looks very Portuguese doesn’t it ?  I must say that I love living in Portugal.

Turn right into this street

Here are some things about me from recent months, in no special order.

Right  now we have a great guest from Manila in the Philippines. She is fast becoming a new friend for us. Since we started hosting in AirBNB we have met many wonderful people and several have become good friends now. I like that very much. Vincent and Tatiana come to mind. Vincent, from Ghent, has stayed here six times already, sometimes alone and sometimes with his daughter. A good friend now.  Tatiana stayed here recently, on holiday to escape the cruel Russian winter, and lives with her three teenaged kids in Moscow, Russia. A thoroughly nice person and now a good friend. There are many more great people with whom I am in regular contact.

Here is a picture of Kumar & Wilma with our guests Neil & Annabelle from New Zealand.

Kumar & Wilma with Neil & Annabelle

It’s a long time since I have been back to Bournemouth simply because I get so little free time. I hope to be going back soon. I also need to get myself to Kathmandu. That will be an expensive trip. I can’t wait to be back with the family and of course Flocky too.

Kumar is fine and always incredibly busy.  His friendship, help and support have been really steadfast.  Better friends/family don’t exist.  No comparison to certain friends who have used me to their advantage and then buggered off when they were all right Jack. They will know who they are, in the remote chance they ever bother to read my blog.  I have a hatred for those who use others to get what they want in life.

There’s a rumour going around that Kumar is going to write a new WordPress blog soon, for those who follow his blog. He rarely has time for this though.

I am getting super reviews in AirBNB so I know I am doing things right. Of course we get the occasional bad guest. And nothing in the world can make a bad guest happy. I always feel stressed when we get a bad guest. My guests are mainly very good and my 5 star rating is 91% over the past ten months. I am a Superhost and I am very proud of that status.  I love those guests who become close and give me tight hugs when they say goodbye. Like Tatiana, Vincent and many, many more. Another great guest and now a friend is called Chia and she is from Taiwan.  Last week she reviewed me and wrote  ‘Wonderful !!! Dai is an angel who spreads love to all the guests’  Well I don’t think I really deserved such an excellent review but such statements always make me feel great.

I have now shed over 20 kgs in the past fifteen months. It has been really difficult but I was determined and I am feeling much better. I will never get used to tea and coffee without sugar and I miss ice cream and chocolate like hell hehehe.

We have had a severely cold, wet and windy spell here in Lisbon. Today we will be lucky to reach only 16c which is very shivery here although I realise it is positively hot compared to northern Europe.

I’m cooking dalbhat  and chicken curry in the kitchen as well as writing this blog in my bedroom. So now it’s time to get myself to the kitchen and finish everything off. Maybe have a glass of red wine at the same time.

Take care everybody.  I haven’t forgotten you all but I am ridiculously busy here, every day.

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9 thoughts on “Finally some time to sit and write

  1. The street pic is beautiful..I can imagine when it’s full it must b amazingly crowded..
    Awesome weight loss…should share your story of how you did it..daal bhat you mean,daal rice??yummy…have a great Sunday..take care 😊

    1. Hi Neethu. Yes daal rice but in my family we call it dalbhat. It’s boiled rice with dal, saag (curried spinach) and I also cooked chicken curry to go with it. I lost weight, Neethu, by controlling my eating and eliminating sugar and fat from my diet. It’s terribly difficult but my weight is still going down very gradually. You have a nice Sunday too, Neethu. Best from Dai

      1. Slow n steady wins the will reach your desired weight soon..keep going..😊

      2. Thanks, Neethu. I will keep going. It is my lifestyle now. No sugar and as little fat as possible.

  2. Good morning Dai. I am glad that you are doing so well in your business! It’s certainly not easy but it’s great that you’ve achieved a superhost status. Every time I read your blog posts, I want to motivate myself to make daalbhaat but it’s too much work for me, plus rice is not really good for weight loss hehe. That is some great progress you’ve made on your weight! I’ve actually been drinking tea/coffee without sugar for the longest time, and I am not a big fan of sweets. But I can’t resist noodles, pasta and rice hehe. 16 degrees is what I so long for, Dai. It’s been ridiculously cold here since the last few days, as you might have seen on the news. Yesterday it was just -1 and sunny so I did enjoy taking a walk as it was such a relief compared to the average -14 we were having.

    1. Greetings, Pooja. Thanks for commenting. Yes, making dalbhat and chicken curry is very time consuming and I hate doing it for that reason. But of course I love eating it. Often I eat my dalbhat together with canned tuna. Sounds strange but they go perfectly together and it’s really delicious. Have you tried that ? We have strong sunshine here this morning but it’s really cold and we can expect only 16c again today. Have a pleasant day, Pooja. Keep warm.

      1. I don’t like tuna Dai! But I think I might make daalbhaat and chicken curry today 😀 Have a good day!

      2. Oh. Anyway I tried. You too, Pooja. Enjoy your day. Kumar says hello.

  3. Hey Dai you have an amazing blog and your pictures are really beautiful.
    Do follow
    She writes beautiful poems blogs about nature and philosophy and human emotions. Do read her blog and support her by following .🙂

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