Portugal, a great country

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Sintra, near Lisboa

It’s not hard to understand why everybody loves Portugal.  It is the perfect holiday destination with magnificent beaches, warm and reliable sunshine, friendly helpful people, super cheap prices for almost everything and as a bonus, it’s really easy to speak English to the people and most young people speak English really well, in fact better than many British people can.

Right now we are in the middle of winter but today we have bright sunshine and the temperature here is 13c at 10 am. In a few weeks we can expect the daily temperatures to be between 20c and 30c every day.

This morning Ji Sing and her beautiful Chinese friend checked out about 9 am, It was a real pleasure hosting them.  Kumar never came home last night so he missed meeting them both hehehe. I hope you will be reading this at work, Bhai, (and I will leave dalbhat and chicken curry in the fridge for you tonight).  They were wonderful girls. Ji Sing is from Chongqing (China) and her friend is from Harbin (also in China). They are both studying Portuguese language in Aveiro, Portugal and came to Lisbon for a weekend trip.

At 5 pm we will host two more guests, Martha from Montpelier in France and Lucia from Portugal who is in transit through Lisbon.

Peniche, northwest of Lisbon

Life is great but not perfect yet.  We are still held up by immigration matters before we can start the application process for the family.  I miss our home in Kathmandu every day, and I miss Flocky too. Every time I see a German Shepherd passing down the lane, I start thinking of Flocky, our naughty but wonderful German Shepherd.

The picture at the top  is of Cascais, a very picturesque seaside town to the west of Lisbon. Most guests here go to Cascais by train.  It takes only about 45 minutes. The lower picture is of Peniche, to the northwest of Lisbon and very popular with surfers and sun worshippers.

Come to Portugal, everybody. You will love this country.

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15 thoughts on “Portugal, a great country

  1. Great post, Dai. Sintra and Peniche are really beautiful. I can see why Lisbon is such a popular holiday destination. Perhaps you could sponsor my trip to Lisbon if you strike one of those lotteries.LOL! And I hope your immigration matters would be resolved. Have a wonderful weekend! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

    1. Hello, My friend. Yes I promise that if I get a big win, I will sponsor a trip here. You too, Pat, have a sensational weekend.

      1. Thanks, Dai! Good luck!(*’∀’人)

      2. Now a lottery win for me is high priority for you, Pat, hehehe

      3. Indeed, Dai! I’m looking forward to my Lisbon trip. LOL!

  2. Hi Dai! Thanks for praising this country. Please allow me to correct your information. I mean, Sintra is not located by the ocean and therefore has no beach at all. The top photo pictures Estorill-Cascais coastline. Have a nice day

    1. Yes, of course, I meant to type Cascais but I typed Sintra by mistake. Thanks for pointing this out to me, Belita.

    2. I’ve changed it now, Belita. I hope nobody got confused.

  3. Nice post. I lived in Portugal from about 3.5 to 5 years of age. I don’t recall a lot about it but I know I liked it. I was never sick there. Before and after, living around the US Great Lakes, I had many colds. I am retired now in San Diego and there is much about it that reminds me of Portugal…

    1. Hello Peter. I’m glad you know Portugal. Yesterday I was looking at a documentary film about the San Diego Trolley. Do you use it ?

    2. I’ve just learned that your real name is John. Sorry about that

  4. Hi Dai! Portugal is a great country indeed! Wise choice for you to settle down there. I arrived back to Poland after an intensive 2 week traveling in India and I am so tired and a little sick with food poisoning and now what seems like flu. It will take some days to adjust to this gloomy weather and office job 8 hours a day. I hope you’re doing well Dai!

    1. Hi Pooja, it’s really nice to hear from you. I was getting worried in case you had left WordPress. I am very happy living in Portugal but it may not be my last stop if things develop differently. I think I should write you a quick email about this. Everything is fine here but immigration matters take forever. I am working hard with our AirBNB guests. I realise that travelling in India can be very heavy going and challenging but I hope it was a good trip for you. Maybe you will be writing many blogs about that one. And I sure hope that you don’t have the flu because it’s a nasty one going around. More by email, Pooja. Stay warm. It’s horribly cold here and only 13c this morning at 7:50 am

  5. Always a Foreigner 19/02/2018 — 2:31 pm

    That beach looks amazing. Portugal is one of those places that I feel is often underrated, but so beautiful.

    1. Hello Caren and Cazzie

      Thanks for your comment. I have just been looking at your blog but I’m unable to follow it in the usual way. I have also been to Dalat but didn’t know about the crazy house unfortunately. I do AirBNB here and last week a guest checked in who was born in Dalat although now she is a French citizen, living in Paris.

      I can’t walk very well so my backpacking days are long over but I do have the internet to travel around the world from home.

      Thanks for stopping by and best wishes from Dai

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