My Christmas Day

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Estela, Kumar and Kiki,Christmas 2017

We had a great Christmas Day here and it all happened with almost no preparation because we had very little time to prepare for anything and finally when I found some free time to go out, the shops had mostly closed down for the Christmas break.

Today we were accompanied by our friends Estela (left) and Kiki (right). Estela is originally from Kunming in China and Kiki is originally from Osaka in Japan. We had lots of fun and laughter and Kumar cooked us a nice dinner of chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, peas, carrots and gravy, accompanied by a fresh salad and a bottle of excellent, ice cold sparkling wine.

My apartment in Portugal is much too small so we are very restricted for our guests and friends. Nevertheless we have been taking AirBNB guests since early this year which helps bring in some money to pay the bills. We can only take two guests at a time mostly and to do this, Kumar has to sleep on a floor mattress in the sitting room. We are much too crowded but we manage it well somehow and get almost 100% of 5 star reviews from our guests.

When we can move to a larger home, we want to invite many more friends to come here to stay with us.

If you would like to read what guests say about here and me, here is the link. Click on ‘SEE MORE’ to read all 109 reviews.

Take a look at the food which Kumar cooked for us today.

Lunch, Christmas Day 2017

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16 thoughts on “My Christmas Day

  1. Wow, beautiful guests and delicious food. So glad you guys enjoyed your Christmas day. We had some friends over for Christmas and we had fun and they left at 4am. And today I feel like a zombie. LOL! Enjoy the remaining 11 days of Christmas, Dai! ヘ(^・・^=)~

    1. Hi Pat. Your friends left at 4 am? Wow you must be in a mess today. I get up super early so I cannot be a night bird too.

      1. Yes, and I’m still sleeping! LOL! (✿◡‿◡ฺ)zzz

      2. haha, me too, Pat. But I have a busy morning ahead so I must get myself into action

      3. Oh, have a productive day then. LOL!

  2. Hello Dai! Looks like a feast. So lucky for you that Kumar is able to cook so many different items. Wow, 109 positive reviews, that’s incredible Dai! I know which airbnb to choose if I ever come to Lisbon 😀 Keep going! Hope you’re having a nice day of rest after a good Christmas meal. I have unfortunately been down with flu but hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow.

    1. Luma and Rasmi are the best cooks but they are far away at present. Not all my reviews are positive, Pooja. My very first review was a bad one from an angry old Brazilian man. But the others are mostly 5 star. I’ve missed you here in WordPress, Pooja. Glad you are back again.

      1. Wow I really miss Nepali food and I know I am not the best cook when it comes to that. Besides food always seems to taste better when it’s cooked by someone else. Oh really! Some of the guests can be nasty. I use airbnb extensively, Dai. Hopefully I can arrange a Lisbon trip next year, let’s see how it goes.

      2. That would be amazing if you came to Lisbon. We have a guest from Warsaw here at the moment. She is originally from Osaka but now lives in Warsaw. She flew down in 4 hrs 10 minutes. I guess you would bring your motorcycle. Yes we do get unpleasant guests sometimes but the majority of guests are really nice.

      3. Haha the motorcycle trip down there would take forever Dai! A plane ride might be more convenient heheh.

      4. It takes just over four hours in the schedule, Pooja, so in reality about three and a half hours maybe. Do you have deep snow there? Here is horribly cold and just 15c outside. But it should be warmer by Friday.

  3. the best meal is one eaten with loved ones 🙂

    1. You are right, Daal. Even a poor meal can become enjoyable.

  4. Dai, I just discovered you when searching for “Buddhism Lisbon.” I’m a yank, living in China with my Kenyan wife. I’ll be getting a residence (4-month) in Feb or March and coming to Lisbon to apply for the residence permit. Once I know my dates, I shall certainly try to book in your beautiful Airbnb place. I love the no-smoking, no-shoes policy. All the best for 2018.


    1. Hi Terrance.

      Thanks for writing. Happy New Year to you too, Terrance. Yes, I really dislike dirty shoes in my place and hate the smell of smoking. You will be welcome here if you decide to book.

      Best wishes from Anthony

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