Winter arrives in Portugal

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Almada across the river

Well I don’t know about you but winter has hit us here in Portugal and yesterday we never even made it to 20c. But the sun is shining as usual and the sky is blue so with a jacket we can enjoy ourselves outside. We now have three or four months of winter to get through.

The picture above shows Lisbon City in the foreground with Cacilhas (Almada) directly across the river.  The black arrow shows where I live on the little hill. The big square is called Praca de Comercio in the heart of the tourist area. Many visitors love to walk around this square and have a meal or a beer at one of the many restaurants around this square.


4 thoughts on “Winter arrives in Portugal

  1. Beautiful view, Dai! Enjoy the winter months. I wish we have winter here. (´∀`)

    1. Knowing Malaysia’s heat, I’m sure you would love this winter

  2. Dai what a great climate you live in! Hopefully I can move somewhere much warmer before I begin my 30s hehhe. It’s been snowing here since yesterday so all I can do is look forward to my trip to Andaman islands. Lisbon truly looks so beautiful!

    1. Yes it is great I suppose but it’s horribly cold today. Only 16c right now so my fingers and toes are freezing.

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