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Since I returned from Germany a few days ago, I really have no substantial news at all.  I have been ridiculously busy here as usual and the coming week already has a full schedule for me.

I have many urgent things to do and I’ve no idea how I’m going to get everything done this week. I wish that Rasmi, Luma, Rekha and Goma were here to give a helping hand.  I am missing home in Kathmandu very, very much.

Yesterday our friend Vincent arrived from Belgium and he’ll be staying here in Lisbon for two days. In the afternoon Vincent, Kumar and I chatted and drank a bit too much white wine. My proposed abstinence didn’t work for long.


Today is Mailys’s birthday and she wants to eat some pasteis de nata (a sample pictured above) so I have to get busy with the breakfast now.

Well, have a pleasant weekend. I have, so far.


4 thoughts on “No news from Dai

  1. Cheers to Maily on her birthday. The pasteis de nata looks yummy. Here we call it egg custard. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

    1. That’s the English name too, Pat

  2. I saw an interesting(Greek) custard tart yesterday: made with fillo pastry and baked custard then a sweet boiled syrup poured over the warm tart! I wasn’t sure if your photo showed grilled cheese in a pastry shape, or contained custard(smile)and pastis de nata meant nada to this dummy. 17.50 here so I’m off to enjoy a Pinot Grigio or two as a sun downer!

    1. Good morning, Maureen. It’s custard but it tastes a bit different from the old fashioned custard I loved as a child. These tarts are widely sold all over Portugal. Pasteis means tarts or pies. de means of. Nata means cream. I’ve just googled pinot grigio and seen that it originated in Burgundy, France but I’m guessing that yours is manufactured in Oz. I hoped you enjoyed it Maureen. I abstained yesterday due to over indulgence on Saturday. Hic

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