Greetings from Germany


No, I haven’t relocated again but I’m having a very rare break after many months of very hard work. It’s been many years since I’ve seen my old friends Keiji, Diana and Astrid so now I’m staying with them and their four kids for a rest and a holiday.  It’s been great to meet my old friends again and we’ve had a lot of talking and a lot of drinking to do. I think that when I get back to Lisbon I’m going to be totally abstinent for a while.

Please ignore the picture of the mountains near Kathmandu. I can’t explain why facebook is selecting that picture because the picture in my blog is actually of three beer steins. This peculiar facebook/Wordpress glitch of publishing the wrong picture has been around for several years and I can’t overcome it.

I’ve always thought that shopping in Portugal was as cheap as it could get but after yesterday I now know that most things are actually much cheaper here in the Bundesrepublik. Wine is far cheaper in Portugal though. So as you can guess I’ve been out doing a lot of shopping and price comparing. I hope my baggage won’t be overweight for the return flight.

What’s the best cure for a hangover ?


15 thoughts on “Greetings from Germany

  1. Enjoy your holiday, Dai! The best cure for hangover is lemon infused water. ~ヾ(^∇^)

    1. Hello Pat. It’s been great to be here but tomorrow morning I’ll be starting my journey back to Lisbon. I have a lot to do when I get back. Have a nice Sunday, Pat

  2. Hi Dai. Have a great time in Germany! Germany is a great shopping destination for consumers I guess. When I visited a couple of years ago, I found it just about twice as expensive as Poland, but I was expecting it to more in the likes of Belgium or Netherlands. Those beer steins are so pretty! Where are they from? I rarely get drunk and get hangovers, but if I have had a little too much to drink, I always drink lots of water and that does seem to help. 🙂

    1. Hi Pooja. Poland must be really cheap I think. In Portugal the wine is very cheap but I now know that it’s expensive for other things. The eer steins are not mine, Pooja, but I just googled for them. I would like to get one but now my baggage is over twenty kilos so maybe next time. The cold here is horrific with plenty of wind and rain but it’s good to have the rain. Now Lisbon has sunshine and 22c. This evening we’re drinking Berliner Pilsener beer and then tomorrow I’m going to have a rest from alcohol for several days. Do you have a rest from alcohol sometimes ?

      1. Ah the cold is horrible here too Dai. We had first snowfall of the season this morning, did it snow in Berlin too? I rarely drink till I get drunk, Dai, but I do enjoy beers a couple of times a week, so I really don’t feel like I need a break from alcohol sometimes.

      2. Hi Pooja. I’m back to the sunshine of Lisbon again. It was a fantastic trip. We didn’t get snow there, Pooja but rain and cloud and icy winds. Now I’m off alcohol for a while.

      3. My next ray of sunshine is going to be India come Feb Dai. Until then I will need to deal with the cold , but hopefully I can go snowboarding if we’ll get some nice snow.

      4. India ? Is it to take your parents ? Today we can expect 22c and sunshine. I’m not missing the rain and icy wind of Berlin.

      5. My family from Nepal will meet me there in India, but it will be I, Stasiek and his sister and brother-in-law going together from Poland. It will be a big group, Dai, and we’re doing Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Andaman Islands. 🙂

      6. Andamans? Oh don’t do this to me, Pooja.

      7. Heheheh got to chase the sun during horrible winters here, Dai!! 😀

      8. Got to admire your travelling spirit. You are much more adventurous than I was. Be careful of king cobras in the Andamans

      9. Dai, I successfully avoided them in Sri Lanka (didn’t see one) and I hope it’s the same case in Andamans. I am fully expecting to see sea snakes when diving/snorkeling though, but not land cobras.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your break in Germany Dai, even if you had a headache or two (grin)I agree with Pooja that plenty of water helps ease the hangover, and my younger friends always say that a “greasy/fried breakfast helps” I haven’t tried it so I cant vouch for it truth. Take care my friend!

    1. Hi Maureen. I’ve just got back a few minutes ago. Now it’s Kumar’s turn to go. It was really great to meet my friends after so many years and the welcome was amazing. Now I’m off all alcohol for a while. Hug from Dai

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