I’ve won on the lottery. Life is great

Serra da Estrela

Playing the lottery is exciting for me but more about that later when I know the exact  amount I have won. Now who would guess that the above picture was taken right here in Portugal ?  When people think of Portugal they think of the sunniest part of Europe with great beaches, great food, great wine and great people.  But not so far northeast of here lies an area called Serra da Estrela, an area of mountains, forests and lakes.  It seems like Portugal has everything for everybody.  But what we do have right now is a severe drought and the government is asking its citizens to use as little water as possible.  We’ve had some showers in the past couple of days but that’s just a drop in the ocean and we need a lot of rainfall this winter to get those reservoirs topped up again.

I’ve just checked online and seen that my three winning numbers will pay me €4.08 so it’s hardly going to change my life but it does make playing a bit exciting. Maybe one day I will get a big prize.

Yesterday afternoon a friend, Rocha, came to pick me up to view a two bedroomed  apartment close to the ferry port of Cacilhas. Well I already live in Cacilhas and I wasn’t thinking of buying a new apartment but a friend of mine from Ghent in Belgium does want to buy an apartment here so I thought I’d take a look around to see what was on offer. It turned out that the apartment was €120,000 and more than Vincent is willing to pay but it was interesting to see this apartment for sale. After viewing the place we dropped into a place next door,  an old Portuguese grocery store complete with tables, chairs and locals drinking coffee and chatting.  It was very much how I imagined a general store in the wild west, 150 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

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10 thoughts on “I’ve won on the lottery. Life is great

  1. Don’t go mad with your winnings!

    1. Good morning Bro. I promise you I won’t. I’m just cooking dalbhat in the kitchen. What are you doing today, Nigel ?

  2. Hi Dai. Good morning. You really love playing lottery don’t you. I do hope that you can win a big prize one day 😀 Wow the grocery store that you stopped by sounds very interesting.. a small general store from a French village like in movies comes to mind. Portugal sure is a beautiful country. My life has been a bit hectic with work and tons of birthdays this week and the last but hopefully it will get back to normal soon. How is it going for you, Dai?

    1. Good morning, Pooja. It’s severely cold in Lisbon with only 14c so we’re well wrapped up this morning. We have strong sunshine though so it will warm up a bit later. I can’t say that I’m a gambler at all, Pooja but I do like to try the lottery sometimes. I’m busy today and have to go to Lidl and two more places. I hate to go out in this freezing weather but I must. Are you in work right now, Pooja ?

      1. Haha do take care of yourself Dai. 14 degrees is sneakers and leather jacket weather here (long gone). Currently just waiting for snowfall.. I am at work but tomorrow is a holiday for us. So it’s pretty exciting that a long weekend is coming up 😀

      2. 14c is gluhwein weather for me, Pooja. Glad you will have a long weekend. I guess you’ll be starting to buy things for Christmas very soon. Will you put up a tree ?

      3. I am thinking I should soon Dai, before it gets crazy at the stores. I might put up a mini Christmas tree on a desk or something – those are cute but nothing elaborate for sure. What about you Dai? Do you ever go back to England during holidays?

      4. Well I hate shopping as you know, Pooja. I had to go today and it was madness at the Lidl checkouts. This year we won’t have a tree because of space constraints but hopefully next year. I haven’t been back to the UK for a while and don’t think I’ll go before or during Christmas. I think I prefer the warmer climate and sunshine here

  3. Maybe we should combine our winnings Dai! I managed to score some $30 Au from Lotto, but I won’t say how much I had “invested”. The weather is warming up down here in Queensland as we get closer to Summer.( Not that we really had a winter this year) I think there were only about 4 days when “warm” clothes were required. Most times shorts and tee shirts were sufficient! Best wishes, Maureen

    1. Hi Maureen. Well you won much, much more than I did. I love wearing just T-shirt and shorts and that’s just what I wear here for 7 or 8 months a year. Best wishes to you too, Maureen.

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