An extra hour tonight

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I love this picture. This huge statue and view are very near my home. That’s Lisbon City across the river. This morning Portugal put back the clocks one hour which meant an extra hour sleep. Well I tried to sleep for an extra hour but it didn’t work and here I am battering my poor keyboard at 3:48 am (aka 4:48 am). I went to the kitchen fifteen minutes ago to make a mug of tea and I could hear Kumar snoring in his room. Glad to know that I’m not the only one who snores.

Summer is still lingering on in this part of the world and the past few days have seen temperatures above 30c. I think (and hope) we will start to cool down from today. I still haven’t bought an airconditioner but possibly today I will. I love all the sunshine but that’s all we get here from April to the end of October. Winter is coming soon and we should get far more cloud and wonderful rain.

I’m working as hard as usual. Sometimes I think I can’t stand the pace for much longer but I always do. I actually enjoy work but there’s just too much of it. Today is Sunday so Kumar will be at home and will give me lots of help. This morning I have already replied to several messages and done some printing.

Yesterday on the way to the supermarket I dropped in to see Pedro who owns a very successful local restaurant. Pedro works incredibly hard and I realised that I am not the only one who has to work hard. Also yesterday I encountered the most amazing rudeness from a member of Pingo Doce’s staff. Pingo Doce is a local supermarket and sometimes the people there are very kind and friendly but sometimes shockingly rude and unreasonable. I wish I knew how to complain to a director because I would do it.



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10 thoughts on “An extra hour tonight

  1. Good morning, Dai! Awesome photo! I hope to visit this giant statue one day. Sorry to hear about the rude staff at the supermarket. I guess this staff woke up from the wrong side of the bed. Have a relaxing Sunday! ヽ(^‥^=ゞ)

    1. Hi Pat and good morning. I’m just going to the kitchen to make some porridge for breakfast. I’m super hungry this morning. Talk later Pat.

      1. Enjoy your breakfast! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ ) I’m going to the night market soon.

      2. I’m just waiting for my porridge to get a bit cooler. I’m desperate now !

      3. Haha..just like the 3 hungry bears & Goldilocks.

  2. Hi Dai, Good morning from Lodz. I didn’t even realize that the clock went back an hour from yesterday. Because I woke up quite late after a Halloween party the night before. I hope you also find some rest amidst all the hard work you’re putting in to your business, Dai! 30 degrees during the end of October – are you serious?! Since yesterday it’s been about 5 degrees here, and this morning when I was coming to work it was 3 degrees. Time to take out my gloves for sure. Luckily no snow yet. 😀 Hope you have a nice day Dai!

    1. Hi Pooja. Yes it was great to have the lighter morning and I’m quite okay with the darker evenings. I think that today I can rest a bit but we have a guest arriving some time after 6 pm, from Belgium. Today will be cooler than of late and we’re expecting 26 to 27c this afternoon. Right now we have only 20c so I have my fleece jacket on. But the sky is cloudless and the sunshine feels warm on the balcony. 3 degrees is insane. You must be well wrapped up. I’ve enjoyed my day so far Pooja and I’m just thinking what I can throw together for lunch. You have a nice day too, Pooja.

  3. Impressive statue. It could make a good photo for my Monday mystery photo posts? But is it from another blog?
    Sorry to hear you had a ride experience at the supermarket. I guess some people hate their lives and take it or on other people.

    1. Hi Amanda and greetings from Lisbon. It’s from a Google search. I hate rudeness and disrespect, Amanda, and I have had two bad encounters at this supermarket.

      1. It is a basic communication skill.

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