Mixed thoughts from Dai at 6 am

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Bhai Tikka 2017

Just look at that spread. It was the Bhai Tikka day, part of the huge Tihar festival in Nepal.  More popularly known by the Indian name ‘Diwali’  Russ sent me lots of Tihar pictures today so I will go through them all in full size, later. Usually I post pictures of Russ so today here is a picture of Rekha and Raju. Raju is home from Doha, Qatar, for the Tihar festival.


I don’t know who else does this but I always love to browse through my old blogs and see how my life changes. What has happened to blogging anyway?  I guess it was just another passing phase. Now everything seems to be Tweets and whatsapp but I don’t have apps and don’t even use a smartphone. I’ve resisted the temptation to carry one so far although a few years ago I went to Castlepoint and spent a lot of money on a new smartphone. I hadn’t realised how often we need to recharge the things and once home in Kathmandu, I quickly lost all interest in spite of all the efforts from the family. My smartphone spent most of the time with a flat battery in a drawer somewhere.  Kumar resurrected it and still uses it to this day. He needs two for his daily life.  I am using a cheap but good Alcatel mobile with a large clear monitor which is great for checking the time when I wake up during the night. I have to sleep and wake up at all weird times these days because of  business. This morning is exceptional for me because I have no urgent work to do and I just love the feeling of having so much free time. Well that’s why I’m here in WordPress instead of rushing around from laptop to laptop.  Well I was busier earlier when I first woke up and found myself replying to messages from Brazil, Italy and Morocco but that didn’t take me long and now I have an hour or so to do as I want.

Throughout my life I’ve always been terrified of death but these days I am coming to terms with the fact that everybody must die. Death is just a part of life.  When we get to my age we never know how many days we have left on this earth. The most difficult thing is trying to discuss death with our close ones. There are so many things to do in preparation and people don’t seem able to discuss the matter but just say things like ‘you have many years left in you yet’ or maybe ‘shut up and don’t be so depressing’.  But there are many things to do, knowledge to pass on, wills to update, legalities to take care of.  For sure I am far from ready to pass into the unknown but I do believe that people should straighten out their affairs so their heirs should not be left in chaos when the time comes. I find this a terribly difficult subject to discuss with people but it needs to be discussed.

This morning I was remembering an old friend of mine called Paddy.  Paddy was quite a character. I was actually his boss but you would never know it.  We were great friends. Paddy was quite gone over a French au pair called Marie-Therese but she already had somebody back in France and Paddy had to give up his aspirations about her.  I drove over to Ascot several times with Paddy where we met Marie-Therese and Stephanie and had good times.  I also remembered a time when I rented a boat for the day on the River Thames. It was a hot sunny day and we played Cilla Black’s  ‘You’re My World’ on my transistor radio. We were joined by one of my friends from San Sebastian or Bilbao or somewhere like that. I met her in Tenerife many years later but she had changed into a bitter old lady with a sharp tongue. I’d upset her somehow so she wasn’t talking to me by the time I left Tenerife.  I was trying to remember her name this morning. Something like Anita or Annie. It’s a long time and my memory isn’t what it was.  I remembered going to France with my old friend Martin,  my girlfriend at the time (Georgina) and a frigid girl called Terry.  Martin liked her but she was not interested.  I think there were just four of us. That day we all had hangovers after an all night party. I was the driver. We had a great day but it was marred by too much alcohol the night before. I sure couldn’t keep that pace these days.  I remembered my cousin Frank and when we waited on Gambir Station in Jakarta, for the train to Bandung. I grew up with Frank around and he is superb company and a perfect easygoing travelling companion. We backpacked to the UAE, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia and Thailand together. I was young and fit then. I hate growing old. He retired to Thailand and married Darunee, a property developer in Chiang Rai.  We are in frequent contact.  I must look up Paddy to see how he’s doing these days. I have no idea how we managed to lose contact but it shouldn’t have happened. Sometimes it’s great fun to sit with free time and reminisce.

I think I’ll take a siesta for a couple of hours. It’s now mid afternoon and I dug my blog out of drafts before it got forgotten. I have two friends from Cheltenham Spa in the UK arriving by car after midnight tonight.  I need a siesta so I won’t fall asleep late tonight. I’ll probably have a glass of wine with Kumar about midnight, when he gets back from work

Yes, time goes by.  And by.  Endless wonderful memories

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6 thoughts on “Mixed thoughts from Dai at 6 am

  1. Hi Dai. You were walking down the memory lane weren’t you. Life is full of surprises isn’t it.. How is your Sunday going Dai? I am home at weekend after more than a month or so, so I am just enjoying it. Did you go to some Tihar party in Lisbon if it was organized there?

    1. Hi Pooja. I was really in Memory Lane yesterday. I get those moods sometimes. Today has been incredibly busy but Kumar is here today to give a helping hand and cook lunch. It was red fish with french fries and green veggies. We had cold white wine with it and it was really superb Pooja. No Tihar parties for us and I was far too busy with business. The girls sent me dozens of pictures of Bhai Tikka from Kathmandu and I was really missing the family.

  2. That’s quite a trip down memory lane at 6am, Dai! It’s great to know you’ve backpacked to so many countries including Malaysia. And yes, you must look up your friend, Paddy soon. With the social media now, it’s very easy to reconnect with someone if you have his full name. Enjoy your time catching up with your two friends from UK. (*’∀’人)

    1. It sure was, Pat. I get those moods sometimes. The trouble with Paddy is that he has one of those common Irish names and there are thousands of them. I watched a great documentary on TV yesterday. It was ‘The Ten Most Dangerous Snakes of Malaysia’ I was thinking of you.

      1. The most dangerous snakes here are called the ‘civil serpents’. Have a good week, Dai!

      2. hahaha that’s a good one, Pat

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