Feeling happy and sad this morning

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Flocky Kukur Tihar 2017

Today is Kukur Tikka when all dogs get worshipped in Kathmandu. They also have a super meal which most humans would love to have. I’ve just received several pictures of Flocky from Russ in Kathmandu. Well I’ve been hoping to get some for the past few days. It’s terrific to get the pictures but at the same time I’m sad because I cannot be there. I’m missing all the family and Flocky terribly.

I’m well but very busy as usual. Business is booming and it keeps me busy from early morning till evening and sometimes even till after two o’clock in the morning.

Best one of Flocky. Kukur Tihar 2017

Happy Tihar to anybody and everybody and especially to all the family and Pooja in Lodz.

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13 thoughts on “Feeling happy and sad this morning

  1. Happy Tihar to you, Dai! Flocky looks so beautiful here. I like the ‘dot com’ on her head.
    LOL! V◕ฺω◕ฺV

    1. Hi Pat and good morning to you. Yes I also love that dot com on her forehead. What are you doing there, Pat ? I’ve just had breakfast and I’m planning my day right now.

      1. Hi Dai and good evening. Yesterday, I went to my friend’s house for Diwali. The mutton curry and prawn curry she cooked was really excellent. Then we came home and slept because we were too full. LOL!

      2. Hi Pat. I would love that prawn curry but I’m not a mutton person. I guess that you are already sleeping. I just had a siesta for a couple of hours. Have a good night, Pat

      3. I’m about to shut down to get some sleep.
        Good nite, Dai!

      4. Good night, Pat. PLEASE don’t snore so loudly tonite

      5. Good night, Dai! (≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵƶƵƶƵƶƵƶƵƶƵ

  2. Hi Dai, good morning. Happy Tihar to you too! Flocky looks happy on the photo. It’s during these special occasions and festivals that I miss my family the most. I’ve gotten ill with sore throat and common cold from yesterday so the day is not going that well for me. Have a great day, Dai!

    1. Greetings Pooja. Soon it will be time to say ‘old friend’ to you. Oh sorry to hear that you have a cold and sore throat. I have these wonderful pastilles called ‘Potters catarrh pastilles’ and I always keep a supply here in case I get a cold or cough. Something ancient from the UK but they really do soothe. I doubt very much if you could find them there in Lodz. Interesting to see that your temperature is almost the same as ours in Cacilhas this morning. WE have 16c and you have 15c. Pooja, yes I am missing all the family very much and when I get pictures from Kathmandu, I miss even more. But it’s great to get them. This morning Rasmi also sent a picture of Flocky’s lunch and it appears that she will be eating much better than me today. So funny. Well Pooja, keep yourself warm and get rid of that cold soon. Best wishes for Tihar from Dai

    1. Hi Cuz. You are quite rare here so I was surprised to find your comment when I woke up from a siesta. Do you have siestas there in Mae Chan ? Glad you like Flocky’s pictures. I’ll never forget when I went to buy her. She was a distressed bundle of fur and only a month old (illegal in the UK). I brought her home in a cardboard box on the back of a motorcycle and she kept trying to get out of the box in the thick of Kathmandu’s traffic. Now she’s so huge and a really great protector for the girls.

  3. I can understand your sadness, Dai, but looking at her, it’s obvious Flocky is in very good hands, and looks tremendous here!

    1. Yes I feel exactly the same, Bro. You are a rare visitor to WordPress

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