World Travel Awards in St Petersburg. Portugal gets ‘Oscar’ for best destination in Europe

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Downtown Lisbon with Cacilhas across the river

You see the brightly lit port across the river  (in the left of the picture) ? That’s where I live. Not right in the port of course but just ten minutes walk from the riverside.  Can you see the huge shining white statue near the beautiful red bridge ? That is the famous Cristo Rei statue from where we can have the best views in the Lisbon area.

So in the prestigious World Travel awards in Leningrad, Portugal has won the title of Best European Destination. I guess it’s because I live here. But people just love this country and I’m no exception. The people, the food, the culture, the cost of living; it is a terrific country. It’s a shame they put onions in everything though.

The days are zooming past and I’m really busy almost all the time.  I don’t know where my time goes. Our business is incredible and I had no idea we would be so successful. I’m trying to repaint the entrance hall but each time I start, something happens and I have to stop my work. Maybe I will try again tomorrow when Kumar will be home all day to cook lunch and help me out generally.

I hope all my readers will have a pleasant weekend.

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15 thoughts on “World Travel Awards in St Petersburg. Portugal gets ‘Oscar’ for best destination in Europe

  1. Congrat! Just beautiful and I can see why Portugal got the award. You’re very fortunate to be in such a beautiful place, Dai! Have a wonderful weekend! (☆▽☆)

    1. I love living in Portugal, Pat, but the heat can be difficult to live with

      1. I know what you mean, Dai. So, I guess I’ll never move to Portugal then. I’m looking for a cooler place. ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

      2. I’m also thinking of somewhere cooler, Pat. But I love living in Portugal so maybe in the north.

      3. Good idea, Dai! Wishing you cooler days ahead.

  2. Hearing on the news services about your hot summer, I was wondering how you were coping: did you get the air con. you mentioned a while back?

    1. Good morning, Maureen. You are right. Portugal has had a LONG, HOT summer and finally autumn now seems to be arriving. Maybe I should go to buy an airconditioner for next year. I keep saying that don’t I ? I will buy it soon. Hug from Dai

  3. Beautiful view indeed, Dai! I totally get why Portugal was voted the best destination. It really is an incredible country for the culture, cuisine, people, weather and affordability factors. So basically everything a traveling likes 🙂 How was your weekend? I somehow missed this post, but i have been quite busy with all the traveling lately. Came back from Prague this morning. But I am done for this year now I think, so I look forward to quiet weekends. Have a nice day, Dai!

    1. Hi Pooja. Glad you went to Prague. Good inexpensive food and lots of beer. Same as Portugal. We are shivering here now with only 24c so I’m wearing a warm jacket and the forecast for tonight is thunderstorms. Maybe you’re lucky not to be here. You are an incredible world traveller, Pooja. So when are you off to North Korea ? hahaha

      1. Hahah Dai! 24 degrees is my definition of height of summer xD I wish I lived in a climate like that.. but autumn here hasn’t been that bad actually. It’s been sunny and warm, but from next week it’s dropping to 6 degrees minimum. I’ve only been to 2 continents so far, Dai, so there’s a lot more to see 😀 Hope you have a nice day today!

      2. 6c is cold, Pooja. Is your home well heated ? I have 4 hot water bottles ready for us and the guests because here it sometimes gets down to 9c at night in December and January. Have you been to Madeira, Pooja? I want to go there

      3. Yes, Dai. They turned on our internal heating about a month ago already. I remember once when I visited Athens in January and it was so cold and they didn’t have internal heating in their apartments so I became horribly ill after I was back. I haven’t been to Madeira yet Dai, but it’s on my radar! It should be much easier for you to go there from Lisbon isn’t it Dai..

      4. Yes, very easy from here, Pooja. Lots of flights. I think that lots of British and Germans live on Madeira. People love the place. Well enjoy your day, Pooja. I have to go to the supermarket so that’s a dark cloud hanging over me this morning.

    1. and me too, Pooja. Have a nice evening, Pooja. What will you cook for dinner ?

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