Greetings from sundrenched Lisbon. A blog specially for Mariza Dos Santos in Sao Paulo.

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Leo & Celia at Cristo Rei (near my home)

Pooja, I’m not trying to make you jealous with my subject line. But we really are sundrenched.

In this picture you can see two of my friends from Brazil, Leo and Celia. They are staying in my home for a few days and I think they are enjoying Lisbon. That place is called Cristo Rei (Christ The King). It’s a thirty minute walk from my home and offers some magnificent views of Lisbon, The bridge and the estuary where it opens into The Atlantic Ocean.

Here they are again in the city centre, across the river.  I want to send this blog to their Mum in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I hope Google does the correct translation.

Leo & Celia in Lisboa

Everybody is welcome to visit us here in Lisbon but only two people maximum at a time, please. Lisbon is now the ‘in’ city of Europe and everybody seems to have a wonderful time here.

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17 thoughts on “Greetings from sundrenched Lisbon. A blog specially for Mariza Dos Santos in Sao Paulo.

  1. Looks like they’re having a great time, Dai! We have been having sunny 17 degree weather since a couple of days too 🙂 I am not complaining about that. How is your day going, Dai? I need to do some cleaning up at apartment today and in the evening I will go to a local festival called Light Move Festival in the city center. It’s a festival where they project light shapes and structures into the buildings and other monuments all over the city. So much fun, The traffic will be a nightmare so I’ll have to leave car at home.

    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Pooja. 17c ? Now that’s what I call a heatwave hahahahaha. Well Pooja, I had a busy morning, mostly catching up on paperwork Now I have descended into lazy mode and I’m trying to get the energy to wash all the dishes from this morning. I know what you’re thinking hahaha. Your Light Move Festival sounds like fun, Pooja. Have a nice time there. Right now we have 28c. I can spare you a few degrees if you want. Seems like we will have 31c to 34c after the weekend. I hate the sound of that. This evening I will share some wine with Ronan, a French friend, but I won’t drink more than one or two glasses. I’m not a big drinker as you know. Have a good evening, Pooja. Best from Dai

  2. Lisbon is beautiful, Dai! And we’re sun drenched here too. It was getting unbearably hot but thank goodness for the rain heavy rain today.

    1. Hello Pat. Yes I bet you are sundrenched. You are so lucky to get that rain. I am dreaming of rain every day here.

      1. Yes, tonight is cool enough to sleep without the AC. I hope you’ll get some rain soon.

      2. Me too, Pat. Have a wonderful sleep

      3. It’s almost 12 midnight. Good night, Dai!


      5. Stop snoring, Dai! LOL!

      6. Oh my God. You can hear me from there ?

      7. Loud and clear! LOL! (o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪

  3. No fan of the sun here, Dai, but then we have as much or more than this place!!

    1. Good morning, Amanda. No clouds again today so I suppose another scorcher. What will you do today, Amanda ?

      1. My day is almost over, Dai. We are ahead of you!! I have been painting today!!!

      2. Amanda, I’m hoping to do a bit more painting today. The colour is cream and it’s going on the hall walls.

      3. That sounds nice Dai. The paint will dry quick in the hot weather. I was doing some decorative painting. I painted Rosemaling on s small chest.

      4. Oh, that sort of painting. I was just about to get a spare brush ready for you.

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