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My four lottery tickets


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So in my previous blog I wrote that I no longer try the lottery. Well four days ago I, on impulse, bought four tickets as I was walking back from the local supermercado. About ten minutes ago I checked all four tickets and I didn’t even get a minor prize. I’m disappointed. I was fully expecting to win, at least something. Should I try again or not bother ?

People are not spending so much time in social and blogging sites. I guess that like almost everything before, the novelty has worn off and people are looking for new things.  I’ve noticed this in WordPress, Blogger and in facebook.  I definitely shouldn’t be spending my time here today because I have so much to do. Business is booming and I’ve been working since 5 am, answering enquiries and emails from our customers. I rarely get any free time. In case I also decide to quit these social sites, I have the email addresses of my best contacts. I mean the people who I want to remain in contact with permanently. Friends like Pooja from Kathmandu and Lodz.

I’m taking a lot of care of my eyes after my red eye problems earlier this year. I’m trying to limit my online time and spend most time online for essential reasons only.

Do any of my Portuguese friends know where I can buy an oil filled room heater here in Lisbon ?  I know I can find them late December in Worten and Jumbo Box etc but I want to buy two of them right now and nobody knows where there are any.



11 thoughts on “My four lottery tickets

  1. That’s a beautiful photo of the beach, Dai! Don’t bother buying another lottery ticket. Business is good and that’s already a prize for your hardwork. Yeah, everyone’s consumed by the world of technology these days. I don’t like to read on my smartphone or check my email, etc. I prefer to use the computer or the laptop. ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

  2. Good afternoon Dai. I never win anything on lottery tickets or just anything in general. The astrologer in Nepal had once told me that I don’t have luck with such things haha, Although I take their words with a grain of salt, I might stick to not gambling ever haha. Good to know that your business is booming. Any plans for Dashain celebration Dai? They organize each celebration in Warsaw here and Warsaw is about 130 kms from Lodz, so it’s not that convenient for me. Lodz is having a light festival anyway that weekend, so I will probably not go to the Nepali event in Warsaw. Have a good evening, Dai!

    • Hi Pooja. It’s me, Dai. I think that Dashain will be a disaster here because I must work all the time as you know, and Kumar will have to work every day in his cousin’s shop. He rarely gets home before 11:10 pm with the exception of Sundays when he has his day off. But I do hope that Kumar will get the chance to join in something with his cousin or their Nepali friends. I will hold the fort at home because we’re busy here all the time. We are having 26c here this afternoon. I suppose it’s almost ready to snow up there hahaha. And you too, Pooja. Have a pleasant evening. I will be busy until about 7:30 pm and then I might decide to have a glass of wine and watch something on TV.

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