20 more questions copied from Pedro

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Computer desk in twin bedded room

This picture was taken after I had cleaned the windows. They are not always that clean.

These questions are by courtesy of Pedro Fernandes. Some of them are only for Portuguese people but I will answer what I can.

01.   Have you ever gone on a diet ?

Yes I have, three times I think. The first two were successful but short lasting. The third one is long lasting and I’ve lost 16 kilos in the past year. It’s horribly difficult but I’m good at it now, I think.

02.    Name three of your successes in life.

I have always been successful with business, including our present business which has gone up like a rocket.  Now we must work hard on a new venture of Kumar’s. Fingers crossed. When Luma and other family members get here, they will all be assigned jobs hahaha.

03.     Porto or Lisboa ?

I can’t answer this one except to say that I live in Lisboa and I’ve not yet been up to Porto.

04.    Name three of my failures.

Oh wow this is difficult and I’d need to search my memory banks because I can’t think of much. I don’t think I’ll answer this one.

05.    Do  you recycle your waste ?

I recycle everything I can. Scrupulously.

06.   Right or left handed ?

I’m right handed but my handwriting is disgusting these days due to so many years of using keyboards.

07.    Name three of your favourite movies.

God’s Army 2

A Good Year

The Holiday

Well I have so many favourite movies in addition to these.

08.    Are you 100% honest with these answers ?

Well very few people are 100% honest but yes, all these answers are 100% honest

09.    Do you have the latest iphone ?

No, and I’ve no intention of buying one. I am not a mobile phone person but I am totally addicted to my laptop.

10.    Name three of your biggest disappointments in life

There have been several but the three which come to my mind first are :-

a.  Many years ago I gave a ‘friend’ a lot of help over a two year period to get to the UK and start a new life in Bournemouth, only to later discover that the person was a total fake, using me to the full.  I was quickly cast aside when the person achieved his ambitions. I haven’t heard from the person in years and that says it all.

b.   I failed my GCE O level in Art after I thought I had done brilliantly in that exam. I still can’t understand it.

c.    I was bitterly disappointed many years ago when I discovered that a business partner was stealing money. That was the beginning of the end of an otherwise great business relationship. I won’t go into names because there are still relatives to consider.

11.    Do you try the lottery ?

Not these days. I’ve so many things to do and to think about. I used to buy tickets regularly and won dozens of minor prizes that weren’t worth the bother.

12.    What news has shocked you recently ?

a.  North Korea playing incredibly dangerous games and risking a nuclear war.

b.  A Nepalese man stabbed another Nepali to death in the city centre a few days ago. He also injured another Nepali with his knife.

13.    What about Madonna living in Lisbon ?

Uh ? I hadn’t heard. Everybody seems to be moving to Lisbon these days. Everybody loves Lisbon. And Portuguese people are super nice. I wish people were as nice in the UK.

14.    Do you support bullfighting ?

I am disgusted by it.  I am disgusted by anybody who kills or hunts for pleasure. Many say they are hunting for food but I think we all know that they get a big kick out of killing animals.

15.    What about Antonio Costa ?

I don’t have an opinion and I wouldn’t write it anyway. I don’t get involved at all with politics here in Portugal.

16.    Have you ever stolen anything ?

Yes I have when I was young. Now I wouldn’t consider it.

17.    Name three things which traumatized you as a child.

a.   My mother died when I was 15 and at a time when I had very bad relations with my father.  I left home and went to live with my grandparents.

b.   My father once hit me on the head so hard that I saw stars and almost passed out on the shed floor. He had given me something far too heavy for me to carry and I spilled the kerosene on the floor. It wasn’t my fault. There seemed nobody to turn to at the time. Later in life I had excellent relations with my Dad who seemed to have changed completely.

c.  I was in an accident where somebody got killed. It’s a bit hard to talk about this one.

18.  Should Portugal remain in the EU ?

I’ve no idea. Would it be called Prexit ?

19.    Do you give your seat to elderly people or people with disabilities ?

Hahaha, people give their seats to me all the time here because I am elderly and I have a disability. Portuguese people are wonderful in this respect. The way it used to be in the UK.  This has to be one of the best places to live in the world. Except for the heat.

20.   Are you proud to be Portuguese ?

Maybe one day but right now I’m still a British citizen. Yes I would be proud to be a Portuguese. A lot of really great people in this country.

I don’t have time to edit this for mistakes. I’ll try to do it in the coming days/

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4 thoughts on “20 more questions copied from Pedro

  1. that windows is perfectly clean Dai….. got to know more about you through your answers….. keep on writing…….

    1. Hello Sudhir. They need cleaning again because that was a few months ago. I hate cleaning windows.

  2. Nice knowing bit more about you, Dai. People give up seats to the elderly all the time here too. I am surprised that doesn’t seem to the case in the UK 😦 Portugal does sound like a great country and you know that Portugal is a special country to me. I will never forget my trip to Porto in 2013. You should find time to visit the city Dai, it’s gorgeous. I am sorry to hear about the person whom you helped get into the UK who just used you. I hate such people too. Unfortunately many people are dishonest and total fakes.
    I am off to buy some accessories for my scuba weekend (this weekend in a Polish lake!!). I am excited but also a bit worried about the cold and possibly murky water in the lake. Hope your evening is going well!

    1. Thanks Pooja. That’s good. It used to be that way in the UK but young people have really changed, these days. Pooja, I very much want to visit Porto but it’s difficult right now because of work. I wonder if you are by your lake already. I bet that’s going to be really cold. It’s now turned cold here but not your sort of cold. Today we only managed 23c but it should be warmer by early next week. I had a totally relaxing day today, the first weekday for a long time. I caught up a bit, online. I listened to the radio/television and sometimes I relaxed on my bed. This afternoon I cooked a good supply of dalbhat and curried chicken. I ate a pile of it for my dinner and Kumar got through a dalbhat mountain on his plate when he got home from work tonight hahaha. He sure was hungry. Now it’s after midnight and I still have a little paperwork to clear before I sleep. Are you asleep already ?

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