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A corner of my house

Memories came flooding back to me this morning when I met an old Thai friend online here. Long ago I lived for a few years in the far north of Thailand, in a place called Chiang Rai.  That’s a picture of a corner of my home (above). On that wonderful, shady patio a group of us friends would often gather in the evenings to drink ice cold beer, sparkling white wine and even stronger drinks sometimes.

One of my bedroom walls had turned black because of  a serious damp problem caused by leakage up on the roof. It took us a while to realize that the problem was up on the roof and not with the wall itself.  Everybody tried but nobody could pinpoint the problem. Even my friend Darunee had a go and her builders did some operation to the level of the roof floor but the dampness continued. It went on for about a year or more and we had many almighty rain storms in Chiang Rai so the problem got worse and worse.

One day two of my friends came around,  Jiem and Den. We got a ladder and went up to the roof to try to pinpoint the source of the leak. It didn’t take me long to see the cause. The topmost brick of the wall was cracked and during rain storms the water was leaking from this broken brick and finding its way down to my bedroom wall.

Den and Jiem immediately jumped into action and went on their motorcycles to bring some sand and cement and whatever waterproofing material they needed. Within fifteen minutes they had cemented over that broken brick and the surrounding area and the problem was solved. A major problem for me was finished and my bedroom wall eventually dried out so that I could sand and repaint it.

Jiem married an English girl and now lives in Chelmsford, Essex, England.  Den still lives in Chiang Rai Province and is a musician, teaching the piano. I interact with Den quite often but with Jiem, rarely, because he doesn’t bother too much with the internet. I wonder if you will ever read this, Den.


























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5 thoughts on “Den and Jiem

  1. Good morning, Dai. Nice to read about your memories from northern Thailand. Sounds like you had a great time there. How are you doing these days? We’ve been having terrible weather (cold, rainy, dark) since last week, I think summer is officially over here.

    1. Hi Pooja and good morning to you. Yes, I still miss Thailand. I’m fine but ridiculously busy with things. Our weather is just the same, hit and sunny every day Today should be 33c to 35c and I would willingly swap for your dark, rainy, cold days. But not for too long hehehe.

  2. Dai… nice to see you back….. how is your eye problem now…..

    1. Hi Sudhir. Thanks. My eyes are okay at the moment but I am being VERY careful not to overdo the internet

      1. yes Dai… that will help, we all hope you get well soon

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