Know me with these 20 questions

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I got these questions from Pedro’s blog this morning and I thought I would fill in my own answers.  You might know me better after reading this.

01   Name three things which you loved as a child.

When the ice cream van came to our street and I had enough pennies to buy myself an ice cream.

Cycling to Heathrow Airport to watch the planes

Going to stay for my summer holidays down in Dover with my three cousins.

02.   Is there something which scares you ?

Yes some things. Going to bed in Kathmandu and waking up in an earthquake.

Treading on a snake in the darkness

Flying through heavy turbulence

03.   Do you have a recurring dream ?

Yes but it has changed over the years. These days I am in an old, dark hut, in the Himalayas and there are many snakes in the darkness. There is usually a river flowing through the sitting room. Yes I know that’s strange.

04.   Which movie star influences you most ?

Nobody. I am not easily influenced. I do enjoy watching Julia Roberts movies though.

05.   Do you have a favourite colour ?

Blood red. Purple. I tend to dislike orange and brown unless they are in nature.

06.   Do you have secrets ?

I think everybody does. I’m very deep in some ways but very open in other ways.

07.   Tea or coffee?

I’m totally addicted to tea. I have an occasional cup of coffee.

08.   Wine or beer?

Both. Wine in winter. Beer in summer. I dislike spirits

09.   Do you enjoy being alone?

Yes, sometimes I need to be alone but not for too long. I like having my own space but with family/friends nearby

10. What time do you normally sleep ?

No fixed time but early. I wake up early too. Normally before dawn.

11. Your favourite food?

Many. Nepalese dalbhat, cheese fondue, fish & chips, chicken cordon bleu.

12. Do you have an ambition ?

It’s too late in life for ambitions. I want to live away from a city, in the countryside, and see only nature from my home.  I want space for my dog to run around and I would like to grow organic fruit and vegetables.

13.   What things annoy you?

Inconsiderate people. Thoughtless people. Greed. Change for the sake of change. Mobile phones everywhere. Unruly kids with oblivious parents.

14.   Do you believe in God ?

I don’t believe there’s a man in the sky. There could be something which we don’t understand. I believe in nature. Maybe God and nature are one.

15.  Football or tennis ?

Definitely not tennis. I sometimes relax in my reclining chair with a glass of very cold beer and watch a good football match.

16.   Do you have a sweet tooth ?

Yes but I am very good at controlling myself and these days avoid anything with sugar.

17.   What is your favourite country ?

I haven’t seen them all but so far it must be Switzerland or Japan.

18.   Dogs or cats ?

I’m a German Shepherd person. I’ve never had a cat but they seem a bit impersonal for me

19   Do you like crowds ?

Not unless it’s family. Two or three friends is good for me.

20.   Do you have a favourite TV programme ?

It has to be Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic

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14 thoughts on “Know me with these 20 questions

  1. Hi, Dai and good morning. I really enjoyed reading your answers. Your childhood memories sound special. I can imagine the joy a child feels when they can buy themselves an ice-cream 🙂 I didn’t know Japan was one of your favorite countries, Dai. I knew about Switzerland though. I think I’ve never had recurring dreams – they sound scary. You and I sound alike in many ways, Although I do love orange. But yes, in nature mostly. What are your plans for the day, Dai?

    1. Hi Pooja. It’s great to hear from you Yes I really love Japan. The people are so incredibly civilized I think. I could easily live there. Although orange is far from my favourite colour, I do love oranges and eat more than my fair share of them. Some people have orange trees in their gardens here but I doubt if you could grow oranges there with your +1c temperatures hehehe. I’m super busy right now, giving guests their breakfasts. Later I have to go to Lidl, my bank, the electricity office and more which I’ve forgotten right now. It’s already 25c at 8:41 am so another hot day I’m afraid.

      1. Haha I love oranges too! They were the best in Kathmandu winters when we’d sit at the rooftop of our house and eat it with other things like peanuts, pomelo achar etc. Ugh we have 12 degrees here today – super chilly. I really hope summer will be back. I loved wearing sundresses the last week but now it’s back to jeans and jackets and sneakers. Have a good day, Dai!

  2. what a pleasure to read this Dai! i’m with you with living in the countryside. i have enough of the city that i really want to live close to nature! 🙂

    1. So let’s go together, Wilma, and get a big house in the middle of nature.

      1. not a bad idea, Dai! oh i could be in there taking photographs and blogging about nature. i love the serenity and solitude 🙂

  3. I really loved the idea for this blog post…..It was good to read things about you dai 😊

    1. Hello Namu. Thanks ! They were popular when we had Multiply. We can learn so much about our friends that way.

  4. Interesting answers, Dai! No. 18 just made me laugh. My hubby is a German Shepherd person too and his opinion of cats is similar to yours. My girls loves cats when they were younger but now they’re crazy about dogs esp. pugs and poodles. V◕ฺω◕ฺV

  5. Long Time Dai….. how are you…… loved your answers….. hope to have a glass of beer sometime with you……

    1. Hello Sudhir. I was absent for a while with an eye problem. It’s better now but I cannot be online too much.

  6. Hello again Dai. I was toiling with the idea of re-creating the same post but with my answers. I was just wondering would you mind if i do that?

    Let me know your thought Dai. Good day

    1. Sure you can do that, Namu. Just help yourself.

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