Greetings from Lisbon

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Great picture of Russ & Flocky Wocky

Greetings from Lisbon!  We’re having hot sunny days here and I thought I’d just get this picture posted before it gets too warm again. Rasmi posted this selfie of her and Flocky yesterday and it’s one of the best yet. It’s a great one of Russ and I love the way Flocky is trying to look like a strict boss.  Well if the truth is known, she IS now the boss at home in Kathmandu. But I know the way to wipe that bossy look from her face. Just take a piece of chicken curry from the fridge or pick up her lead so she thinks she’s going out somewhere or pick up a ball. She’s addicted to playing football and is quite a cunning, tactical player too. I used to love going up on the roof to watch Flocky playing football with Kumar and to see the way Flocky concentrated so intensely on the ball.

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7 thoughts on “Greetings from Lisbon

  1. Lovely shot – hope you and Kumar are doing well.

    1. Hi Nigel. Thanks. Yes, it’s a terrific shot. I wonder how Rasmi managed to keep Flocky still enough to take it.

  2. what a lovely picture of Rasmi and Flocky! wishing you cooler temperature Dai! take care 🙂

    1. Thanks, Wilma. It is getting hotter but it seems like after five or six days we will start to cool down.

  3. Lovely photo of Rasmi & Flocky, Dai! My Malaysian shepherd has the same eyes as Flocky except he’s a bit smaller. LOL! (*^▽^)/

    1. Hi Pat. Flocky needs a boyfriend too. She’s never had one before.

      1. Good idea, Dai! My dog’s name is Fire. And I’m sure he’ll get fired up when he sees Flocky….hahaha (ŐωŐ人)

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