Plane lands on our local beach killing two. Brazilian liquor.

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Plane landed on Caparica Beach

The big news in this locality this morning is about the small aircraft which made an emergency landing yesterday on our local beach (Caparica), killing a 50 year old man and an 8 year old girl. We are not really safe anywhere and we never know what will happen. I will think of this incident every time I visit that beach in the future. I’m not much of a beach lover (sand gets everywhere) unless of course I’m walking along the fabulous beaches of Boracay in the Philippines or similar idyllic beaches. I was once dining in the late evening on a beach in Koh Chang in Thailand when an almighty thunderstorm struck and everybody scurried back to their beach bungalows.

One of my guests recently gave me a bottle of something called ‘Kangingin’ and it’s been sitting on the shelf in the sitting room ever since. Well right now I’m down with a cold and sore throat and I read the label on the bottle ‘Licor de ervas energetica’.  If energetica means ‘energetic’ (it does)  it’s exactly what I need today so I decided to pour a glass and try it.  Well it’s strong and tastes terrific, a bit like those cough medicines I loved as a boy. I just had a very small measure but it’s already gone to my head. I don’t have any energy though so I guess it’s because of the heat. Maybe I need a second glass to be sure.

I just took this shot from the kitchen window. Isn’t the water a terrific colour today ?

From my kitchen window

I have work to do. Two visitors left this morning so I have to clean the room and put clean bed sheets etc.  I hate doing this stuff but ke garne ?

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12 thoughts on “Plane lands on our local beach killing two. Brazilian liquor.

  1. Hi Dai. That is a terrible news from your locality. That sounds like my worst nightmare.. being hit by a plane while on a beach. So sad for those two unfortunate souls.
    I am having a hard time at work today, I had solved something a few months ago and properly tested it but now I discovered that it doesn’t work and I have no idea why. It’s giving me headaches. Working with programs and software is mentally exhausting sometimes.,. I need a drink of that liquor too 😛 I am going to Svalbard tomorrow (first Oslo!) and coming back on Tuesday evening. So many things to be done today..

    1. I’m sick with jealousy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Heheh it’s going to be rainy and cold! Oops I think you like colder weather

      2. I wouldn’t care. I just want to go there.

    2. Hi Pooja. I need to write to you because Goma will maybe study in Lodz. I’ll tell you in your email address.

  2. Life is fragile, Dai! Don’t take life too seriously. Get well soon! Cheers

    1. Well after this Brazilian liquor I’m standing on my bed singing to everybody

  3. what a terrible thing to happen. i love the view of the sea Dai, not necessarily lounging by the beach, too sandy 🙂 that is why i love your kitchen with a view. i know you’ve traveled in the Philippines. have you been to Boracay? i hope feel better 🙂

    1. Hi Wilma. I usually dislike sandy beaches unless the setting is idyllic of course. Yes I’ve been to Boracay twice. And Cebu (Malapascua, Cebu City and Bantayan Island), Romblon, Sibuyan and many other places too.

      1. wow! you’ve been to more places in the philippines than i have. 🙂 🙂 i wish i can play tourist full time when i’m home (phil). visiting with family and friends takes priority most of the time. i heard that we have some beautiful beaches up north where i come from. 🙂 have a great weekend, Dai 🙂

      2. I wanted to go up north to see the rice terraces but I haven’t made it yet. You too, Wilma. Best.

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