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I am in an incredibly good mood this morning. I’m not sure of the reason but it could be something to do with the cooler weather. Everybody else is sleeping right now so the apartment is quiet.  It’s only 22c at 8:55 am which many people may regard as hot but here in Lisbon in July, it is cool. The past few days have been uncomfortably hot and I’m now trying to decide whether to buy a portable airconditioner or leave it until next year.

Yesterday Rasmi sent me a fantastic video from Kathmandu. I could see Flocky welcoming Rekha home after being away for some months on a training course. It unsettled me and I just wanted to be back in Kathmandu. I do love getting all those pictures and videos.

I’ve been sitting at my desk for far too long this morning and there is work to be done but I am in laziness mode and need to get motivated.

I have been reminiscing a lot this morning. I played some Chinese instrumental music and listened to a British radio station on my laptop, quietly in my room. I only have a small bedroom temporarily but I like it very much and I can see the estuary from here.

This morning I once more wondered if I am slightly autistic.  I have been misunderstood so many times in my life and people mostly misunderstand autistic people. I hate being misunderstood but sometimes cannot break through an invisible barrier to make my thoughts clear and understandable. I hurt people very easily.  I mean, I don’t mean to hurt them but I do. I am ridiculously frank about things and I try to make a big effort to be diplomatic but I still get comments about my frankness. I hate it when I upset people who I like but I still do it unintentionally.  I get hurt very easily also and tend to lash out fiercely when somebody hurts or harms me. I have an autistic sister and she hurts everybody most of the time, especially people who care for her the most so I am very familiar with the habits and emotions of autistic people. I can recognize some of her traits in myself. I can and have been a highly successful business person and also in our latest venture which has gone up like a rocket. I have several very long term friends and I place huge value on those friendships. I have upset a few as well, always unintentionally. I don’t suppose I will ever truly understand myself.


Well I need to do some work. I’ve had quite a lazy morning even though there are many things waiting to be done. Sunday is the day when I try to get some relaxation but it rarely works. I have to clean the kitchen floor because it always gets messy.  The picture above is my kitchen but it’s not as narrow as it looks in this picture. My camera was having an off day maybe.

Enjoy your weekend everybody.


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10 thoughts on “Sunday morning news from Dai

  1. Good to know the weather is getting cooler. I know what you mean about being misunderstood. My hubby’s character is similar and friends/family often misunderstood him because of his frankness. And I’m sure you know about the Asian culture where frankness is not very welcome. Anyway, just be yourself. My hubby said he’d rather be frank than trying to be what he is not. You have a beautiful kitchen and the kitchen floor doesn’t look messy at all. Enjoy your Sunday, Dai! 😀

    1. Hello Pat and best Sunday greetings from Dai. I was laughing when I read your message. When the picture was taken, the kitchen was at its best but you should have seen how messy it was this morning before I tackled it. My nephew even complained about it.

      1. LOL! 🤣 My Sunday’s almost over and it’s already 11pm. Time to get some sleep. Good night!

      2. Good night, Pat. Have good dreams.

  2. Dai, your kitchen looks immaculate! We have a hard time maintaining the cleanliness at the apartment since I and Satsiek are both so busy at work.. That was some reflective morning you had yesterday. I am more of the diplomatic kind I think, I don’t say anything if I suspect that it might hurt people. But I am still discovering things and learning. It can take years and years and lots of experience to understand yourself. I am so glad that your business venture has been doing well Dai!

    1. The kitchen doesn’t really look like that ideal picture. It’s very often messy with dishes waiting to be washed and pots full of rice, dal and subzee etc. I think I’m gradually becoming a hermit, Pooja. I hate going out because of the heat. At home I can keep cool, relatively anyway. Maybe I will buy that airconditioner today so I can finally sleep properly. Have a pleasant day, Pooja. Think of our endless sunshine.

  3. love your kitchen, Dai! so bright and clean:) i think you are overthinking about yourself. you are a very good person, Dai – honest, fair and helpful. sometimes helpful to a fault though 🙂 🙂 cheers and have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Hello Wilma. We go back quite a few years now don’t we? I’m smiling here because the kitchen is so often very messy and nothing like the picture suggests. The bright sunlight masks it all hehehe. Maybe I do overthink, Wilma. Maybe that’s right.

      1. we go along way back, Dai. i would say several years now not just a few. i hope to visit lisbon again someday. perhaps we can meet. that would be really nice. 🙂

      2. Hi Wilma. Wow that would be exciting. You can try my favourite wines. I don’t know if there are direct flights from Chicago but we have direct flights to Newark and Boston.

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