Feeling nostalgic this morning

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Kunming Bus Station

I don’t usually get too much time for nostalgia these days but this morning I found myself with a couple of hours to do whatever I wanted.  I went to my collection of Chinese music and found a track of hulusi music which I bought in Dali (Yunnan) several years ago while on a one month backpacking tour of China. I don’t suppose anybody is even remotely interested in hulusi music but just in case, you can listen to my favourite track in Youtube:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq__l3woizM

The picture at the top is of the main bus station in Kunming, from where we get the bus to Dali (Yunnan), if we can figure out how to buy the ticket and how to find the bus of course. We were successful. Finally.

I have two Iranian friends staying here with me at the moment:-  Mehdi and his wife Faezeh.  It would be difficult to find nicer people and I’ve really enjoyed their visit.  They will be leaving early tomorrow morning. I’ve been three times to Iran but that was many years ago and I guess it’s all changed now. While I was there last time I flew down to Abadan in the south, on the Gulf, and there I had the most delicious oranges I’ve tasted in my life. My next stop after Abadan was Bern in Switzerland so I took a big bag of oranges with me and Swiss Customs never stopped me luckily.  My transit stops on that journey were Athens and Zurich and minutes after I had left Athens Airport there was a terrorist attack in the transit lounge area. Five passengers were killed and sixty were wounded.  I felt totally shocked when I learned of this attack after landing in Zurich. I could have been killed on that day.

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14 thoughts on “Feeling nostalgic this morning

  1. Hi Dai. How cherished memories you have from around the world! I’ve never been to Iran but I’d love to go, for the architecture alone. Also backpacking in China sounds awesome. I’ve never done long-term travel, it’s usually 2 weeks max at one place due to my job. What a lucky escape you had at Athens airport, I’d be traumatized for weeks if something like that were to happen to me (despite the escape). Greece is one of my favorite countries in Europe, what’s yours Dai?

    1. Hi Pooja. It’s hot here today and 32c already. I think I’d much prefer Svalbard where you will go soon. It’s also on my bucket list. My favourite European country ? I think it has to be Switzerland, Pooja. Those lush green meadows with white mountains in the background and cows wearing bells. I wish I could afford to live there. Could you lend me a million Euros ?

      1. It’s been so cold here since yesterday. I am in jacket and full pants. Yesterday it dropped to 12 degrees, today I think it’s about 18 degrees. I am excited about Svalbard and Oslo but the prices are killing me!! It will take me a month to recover from the financial loss after this trip 😀
        I’ve heard so much about Switzerland. In fact Nepali people think that it’s the most beautiful country on earth. It’s one of the few countries I haven’t yet been to in Europe but my personal taste in environment is blue clear sea and beaches and islands, so nothing can top Greece for me. Hopefully I’ll visit Switzerland one day 🙂

      2. Send some of that cold down here. I hate this hot heat. Yes Norway prices are crippling. What I don’t like about Greece is that they keep talking in Greek there and I can’t understand a single word.

      3. I would send the heat gladly if I could! We’re tired of this rainy and cold summer here. 😦
        Hehehe Greek sounds very difficult indeed but overall I find the people to be friendly (and loud) with decent English skills (thanks to massive tourism) but most of all I like their nature. It’s incredible. If I could I’d really love to live on a Greek island for few months of my life at least..

      4. Okay so let’s make a plan. I could happily accept life on a Greek island so let’s open a guesthouse and small bar/restaurant. I can do all the paperwork and get the guests. You can be the charming Nepalese manageress. Staciek and Kumar can be the waiters and bartenders. Luma and Goma can take care of the rooms. What do you think ?

      5. Hehhehe sounds like a plan Dai! Chuckling here 😀

      6. Sounds good to me. hahaha.

  2. Hmmm…an Englishman who listens to Chinese hulusi music? That’s pretty cool, Dai! 😻

    1. Yes I guess that’s unusual, Pat. My favourite music is Chinese.

  3. that was a close call about Athens, Dai. I can understand the shock.
    i love to look back on my travels. i have a compilation of travel photos and thoughts in printed form which i review from time to time. such a great feeling reminiscing the past. 🙂

    1. Hello Wilma. Apart from at the every beginning I’ve never liked flying and these things sure don’t help. I often spend time thinking of the past. Did you ever visit Athens, Wilma ?

      1. yes, i’ve been to Athen’s once but that was long time ago. my son and his girlfriend were just there last summer and they enjoyed a lot. they also visited Gythion where her dad was originally from. beautiful city! 🙂

      2. I’ve never been to Athens which is a shame because I’ve transited the airport there a few times.

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