Ten Thought Saturday

Emirates A-380 landing at Heathrow

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I have some free time finally. Life has been far too busy for comfort recently and sometimes I wonder how I keep going. I have visitors here right now so I have too many things to do. This morning I have to go down to the supermarket. I hate supermarkets, shopping malls, checkouts and shopping in general.  Sometimes I’m tempted to just get everything from a small shop nearby but there’s not much choice and the prices are really high.

I’m trying not to look at the monitor too much because it hurts my eyes but this morning I decided to write a Ten Thought blog so that my friends can read all the things which are currently filling my mind. I was thinking about all these things before getting up and while sitting at my computer desk.

1   Next time you are flying to (or over) the UK, just think that the air traffic controllers there are warning that there are so many flights now that the skies are becoming dangerous, especially over southern England. Yesterday the number of flights hit an all time record at 8,800 for the day. I hate flying.

2   I was thinking of Philippa and Joe in Bournemouth and hoping that Joe is going to make a full recovery soon.

3   How can I effectively get blood stains out of 100% white cotton ? Hot washing with detergent and bleach only partially does the job.

4   I have a new laptop. It’s the first time I have used an American machine. Hewlett Packard. I’m enjoying using it except that the keyboard is in Portuguese so I have to discover and remember where some keys are. It’s a slight irritation but I will be able to manage. A major irritation is that three times so far I have accidentally clipped the wrong key(s) and documents have disappeared in front of my eyes. I must be very careful and back up important documents.

5   I saw the spectacular car chase in Nevada on the news and I remembered the two ‘friends’ , K & J, from Carson City who were enraged and deleted me for unknown reasons but most likely because my political views were different from theirs. That was years ago. I have learned never ever to discuss politics with Americans because in the USA, friends become enemies over politics. It is totally different to the UK where members of the same family can have totally different political views and it’s no problem at all.

6   Yesterday I had to call a plumber because the shower/bath tap has gone on the blink. The plumber is on holiday until next Wednesday and he’s the only one I know. I’m just thankful that it’s not an emergency. A window shutter in the sitting room has locked in the down position so we are in semi darkness there right now.  A hand shower unit has also come loose so that’s three things all at the same time.

7   Grandmother is in Kathmandu at the moment, for medical treatment, and no doubt is seriously missing her village home. She and Flocky (my German Shepherd) are very wary of each other and just about tolerate each other. Yesterday I heard that Flocky had jumped on top of Grandmother who was relaxing on her bed. Poor Grandmother must have been terrified.

8   Today I have to do some cooking. It’s one of my dreads. I hate cooking or anything in the kitchen really. I will make enough food to last three or four days and keep it in the refrigerator so that I won’t have to cook again for some days. Who needs a job?

9   I’m getting old. I hate getting old.  I don’t have nearly as much energy as I used to. When I was last in Bournemouth, I was a bit run down and Philippa gave me a bottle of Metatone Tonic.  I’d never heard of it before and took it for several days and it seemed to do the trick. I picked up really well with it. When I go to Bournemouth I will buy a supply and bring it back to Lisbon with me. I have several items to buy, things which I cannot get here in Lisbon….. Mitchum Men’s deodorant which doesn’t irritate my skin,  Jordan Norwegian toothbrushes which clean really well and seem to last forever, and now a few bottles of Metatone.

View from kitchen windows

10.  I love to see the view from our kitchen windows, looking over the estuary. I must look dozens of times every day. I never get tired of this unusual view. I can also see this view from the computer desk in my bedroom.


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14 thoughts on “Ten Thought Saturday

  1. Hello Dai, interesting thoughts.
    1. Yes, the sky is getting is a bit over ‘clouded’.
    2. Speedy recovery for Joe.
    3. Salt water can remove blood stains effectively too.
    4. Congrats on your new HP laptop but good luck with the keys though.
    5. I do agree some friends could become enemies over politics. Here, it’s not only politics but religion too.
    6. If I’m your neighbour, I’ll send my hubby over to fix those things. He’s a real handy manny.
    7. Poor Grandma! Hope she’s okay. Flocky is too cute!
    8. I dread cooking too, especially on a hot day.
    9. We’re all getting older, Dai! I’ve never heard of Metatone Tonic. Is it some sort of an energy drink?
    10. Wow, that’s an awesome kitchen view, Dai. My kitchen view is my neighbour’s backyard. LOL!
    Have a good Sunday, Dai! Think happy and smile always…..~ヾ(^∇^)

    1. Good morning, Pat. Over clouded. That’s wishful thinking here in Lisbon though. I read a few days ago that even Lisbon Airport is almost at capacity and they need a new one. I wish that religion had never been invented sometimes, Pat. I wish your hubby lived next door. There’a always something going wrong. I think that Metatone is more of a tonic. Well there are also energy drinks like Lucozade. Pat, have a good Sunday too. What will you do today ?

      1. Thanks, Dai. My Sunday is almost coming to an end. We have the night market here and that’s where I normally get my supply of the fruit and vegetables for the week. Apart from that it’s just another lazy Sunday for us here. 🙃

  2. Good to hear your thoughts, Dai. I agree particularly over number five.

    1. Hi Nigel. Have you ever tried to discuss politics with an American? They are much too serious on this subject. I think politics should be banned.

  3. Hi Dai. What a big cultural difference between Americans and British on politics! I knew Americans were slightly crazy over their politics, but I didn’t know to this level. I hope you recover soon Dai! Your kitchen view is so pretty, I’d enjoy such view several times a day myself. There is no view from my kitchen, but from my balcony there’s a view of big, quiet park so it’s not bad. 🙂 It was 28 degrees here yesterday and i think the heat was too much for me to handle (outdoors on the sun). It’s hot today as well but I’ll just spend the day working at home, tidying apartment etc. What are your Sunday plans Dai?

    1. Greetings Pooja. It’s always great to hear from you. I’m well enough now, Pooja, but I can’t spend too much time online because it’s hurting my eyes. It’s a big problem for me because I don’t want to neglect my friends but my eyes are too important for me. We have 28c here too,right now Pooja and I’m enjoying these cool days. I guess it won’t last long and we’ll be back in the thirties again. This morning we went to a local supermarket (I detest going shopping) and now Kumar is in the kitchen cooking red fish with french fries and vegetables. We’re both drinking white sparkling wine which is delicious. It’s a Sunday treat as most days we just have some cheap red or white wine. After lunch and wine, probably I’ll feel like relaxing in the afternoon heat and lying on my bed in front of the fan. I will email you with other news, Pooja. Best from Dai

  4. You must all be worrying about the blood stains on the guestroom bed sheets. Well worry no more because the stains have now gone. Yesterday we found something in the supermarket called Vanish Gold. I’d never heard of it but I splashed out and paid €4,99 for it. The two bed sheets were thick pure cotton and brand new so we wanted to save them. This Vanish Gold really worked and the sheets are brand new again.

  5. hi Dai! #9 is inevitable and i feel the same way about having low-energy 🙂 i love the view from your kitchen! the water is so blue! warm regards!

    1. Hi Wilma. Glad I’m not the only one. Yes I can see that view here. It’s really nice this evening and the water looks a very sharp grey-blue.

  6. Poor Grandma! What a shock to have Flocky jump on her. Do you think Flocky was being cheeky? I’ve also got a new laptop (Lenova) and I can’t get used to Windows 10 after having used W7 forever! At least I don’t have to work with a keyboard geared to a non English language. Glad to know that you are feeling more upbeat…..As the weather has cooled down I find Life is easier….I learned last week that I need cataract surgery soon….it explains WHY I haven’t been enjoying embroidery and reading so much this year
    Americans and politics! Enough said…I met a few bombastic American males in my recent travels who I quickly learned to avoid rather than be subjected to their know it all attitude.
    Anyway my friend enjoy your cooler weather. I am enjoying what passes for winter in my neck of the woods.
    Hooroo for now

    1. Hello Maureen. Nice to hear from you. We’ve been having some cooler days so I’ve been coming to life much more. I keep putting off buying an airconditioner. I hate that know it all attitude and I respect humility much, much more Now I’ve just reminded myself of that great film ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ where the Tibetan seamstress tells the Austrian man that Tibetans respect humility in people but don’t respect arrogance. Have you seen that movie, Maureen? I know one of the actresses. She is the Dalai Lama’s sister in real life but in the movie she plays the part of the Dalai Lama’s mother.

      Hooroo for now, Maureen. (never used that one before)

    1. Monte, I’d need thousands of pages to do the same

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