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Dai's dinner

I was quite proud of my salad creation yesterday evening so I took a picture. It was nothing too exciting although I did enjoy it and Kumar was full of praise for it.

Raw spinach, tomato, olives, black-eyed beans, carrot & lemon with mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, taboule, cheese and ham. Of course we had glasses of white wine with this.

It has been hot here in Lisbon and sometimes uncomfortably humid too. I need to paint the entrance hall but it will be a nightmare in this heat.

My computer seems to be in the final stages of life. It’s painfully slow now. It has served me well and for about five years, running day and night. I think I will take over Kumar’s old machine which is in excellent condition. He is going to buy a new one for himself tomorrow, his day off.

My eyes have been better recently but I am still staying away from my laptop as much as I possibly can.  I just thought I should put in a brief appearance this morning.

I wish all my friends a happy weekend.

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8 thoughts on “Snippets of news from Dai

  1. The salad looks delish, Dai! Have a great weekend too! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

    1. Thanks, Pat. It was very tasty and I put curry mango sauce over it

      1. Curry mango sauce??? I’ve never tried it before. ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

    2. It’s a big favourite of mine, Pat. Heinz makes it but it’s quite expensive here in Portugal.

  2. The salad looks delicious Dai! I don’t like white wine though – my favorite is sweet red or in some cases semi-sweet red 🙂 I hope your weekend went well!

    1. Well medium red is nice too, Pooja. I seem to alternate between white and red. Yesterday we had a bottle of ice cold sparkling wine with lunch (chicken cordon bleu with french fries, brussels sprouts and salad.

  3. looks delicious and healthy, Dai. cheers! 🙂

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