Falling off the stepladder

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Cristo Rei

This magnificent scene is thirty minutes walk from my home in Lisbon. It’s quite a stunning view I think. That’s Lisbon City across the estuary. All our visitors walk there to enjoy the scene and to take pictures. We have a lot of guests but because the apartment is so small, we have to let them come one by one or two by two maximum.  Kumar is always very happy when the pretty young ladies visit us hahahaha. He’s working as hard as ever and comes home late at night and goes back to work early next morning.

Two days ago I had a nasty fall. Wow that did give me a big shock. I was coming down the stepladder and suddenly I fell, bringing off my wardrobe door and damaging my bedroom wall. I was actually okay but I was shocked so I rested on my bed for about an hour to get over the shock.  Getting old is sure no fun. I will be much more careful when using the stepladder in the future.

I’m thinking of having a few days in the Canary Islands, just for a change.  It’s close to Portugal….  Tenerife is one of my favourite places and I’ve been there many times. I have several old friends there:- Imeldo and Lola, Teleforro and Candy, Fernando and Maria Carmen and a few more. Maybe this time I’ll go alone because Kumar and the girls have to work. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. I’ll probably stay for a couple of days in La Orotava in the interior and a couple of days near the sea in the south of the island at Playa de Las Americas.

Well it’s time to take my eye drops now and then relax for a while and listen to Sky News before sleeping.

Boa noite everybody.

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8 thoughts on “Falling off the stepladder

  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the fall, Dai. But good to know you are okay. Enjoy your break in Canary Islands. ✌️🐾😀

    1. Thanks, Pat. I’m not 100% sure about going yet. I want to get my eyes stronger first.

  2. Hi Dai. Sorry to hear about the fall .. it must have been nasty 😦 I think I’d love to go up that hill and enjoy the views of Lisbon city. What a wonderful city you live in! How is summer going for you? Canary Islands sound wonderful.. it’s one of those places in Europe that I’d really like to go to but haven’t had the right timing and opportunity yet!

    1. Hi Pooja. I definitely don’t recommend falling off your stepladder hahaha. Summer has been hot (40c) but now it’s much colder at 25c to 32c. I hate the heat. I have been having eye problems due to too much laptop. It got quite bad but now they seem to be better. I am limiting my laptop time to 1 hour a day whereas before I was online most of the time. You should try the Canary Islands, Pooja. I am going to try to catch up on your blogs when I get rid of the redness in my eyes. I miss (super miss) our frequent interaction. Take care, Pooja.

  3. Sorry to learn of your misadventure with the step ladder, Dai!Sometimes, it’s not fun to learn you are no longer young and agile. What passes for Winter in my corner of the world has arrived and days are cool at 20 to 25 degree C, with blue skies and mainly sunny days. All too soon, .Summer will come with its heat rain and humidity…..not my favourite time of year. But , southeast Qld at this time of the year is nearly perfect. Take care and do stop tumbling from step ladders!

    1. Hi Maureen. Yes, it’s awful to be growing old and losing all our agility. I’ve slowed down a lot and my eyes aren’t so strong anymore. I’ve never been to Australia, Maureen. It looks a great country. I like the sound of the weather you are having right now. It’s about the same here this week. A hug for you, Maureen.

  4. hope you’re all well now Dai. take care. love the view 🙂

    1. Hi Wilma. I’m working hard to be well, Wilma. The view is nice. I still haven’t been to Fatima but one day ……………………….

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