Sunday morning news from Dai

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I am in an incredibly good mood this morning. I’m not sure of the reason but it could be something to do with the cooler weather. Everybody else is sleeping right now so the apartment is quiet.  It’s only 22c at 8:55 am which many people may regard as hot but here in Lisbon in July, it is cool. The past few days have been uncomfortably hot and I’m now trying to decide whether to buy a portable airconditioner or leave it until next year.

Yesterday Rasmi sent me a fantastic video from Kathmandu. I could see Flocky welcoming Rekha home after being away for some months on a training course. It unsettled me and I just wanted to be back in Kathmandu. I do love getting all those pictures and videos.

I’ve been sitting at my desk for far too long this morning and there is work to be done but I am in laziness mode and need to get motivated.

I have been reminiscing a lot this morning. I played some Chinese instrumental music and listened to a British radio station on my laptop, quietly in my room. I only have a small bedroom temporarily but I like it very much and I can see the estuary from here.

This morning I once more wondered if I am slightly autistic.  I have been misunderstood so many times in my life and people mostly misunderstand autistic people. I hate being misunderstood but sometimes cannot break through an invisible barrier to make my thoughts clear and understandable. I hurt people very easily.  I mean, I don’t mean to hurt them but I do. I am ridiculously frank about things and I try to make a big effort to be diplomatic but I still get comments about my frankness. I hate it when I upset people who I like but I still do it unintentionally.  I get hurt very easily also and tend to lash out fiercely when somebody hurts or harms me. I have an autistic sister and she hurts everybody most of the time, especially people who care for her the most so I am very familiar with the habits and emotions of autistic people. I can recognize some of her traits in myself. I can and have been a highly successful business person and also in our latest venture which has gone up like a rocket. I have several very long term friends and I place huge value on those friendships. I have upset a few as well, always unintentionally. I don’t suppose I will ever truly understand myself.


Well I need to do some work. I’ve had quite a lazy morning even though there are many things waiting to be done. Sunday is the day when I try to get some relaxation but it rarely works. I have to clean the kitchen floor because it always gets messy.  The picture above is my kitchen but it’s not as narrow as it looks in this picture. My camera was having an off day maybe.

Enjoy your weekend everybody.



Feeling nostalgic this morning

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Kunming Bus Station

I don’t usually get too much time for nostalgia these days but this morning I found myself with a couple of hours to do whatever I wanted.  I went to my collection of Chinese music and found a track of hulusi music which I bought in Dali (Yunnan) several years ago while on a one month backpacking tour of China. I don’t suppose anybody is even remotely interested in hulusi music but just in case, you can listen to my favourite track in Youtube:-

The picture at the top is of the main bus station in Kunming, from where we get the bus to Dali (Yunnan), if we can figure out how to buy the ticket and how to find the bus of course. We were successful. Finally.

I have two Iranian friends staying here with me at the moment:-  Mehdi and his wife Faezeh.  It would be difficult to find nicer people and I’ve really enjoyed their visit.  They will be leaving early tomorrow morning. I’ve been three times to Iran but that was many years ago and I guess it’s all changed now. While I was there last time I flew down to Abadan in the south, on the Gulf, and there I had the most delicious oranges I’ve tasted in my life. My next stop after Abadan was Bern in Switzerland so I took a big bag of oranges with me and Swiss Customs never stopped me luckily.  My transit stops on that journey were Athens and Zurich and minutes after I had left Athens Airport there was a terrorist attack in the transit lounge area. Five passengers were killed and sixty were wounded.  I felt totally shocked when I learned of this attack after landing in Zurich. I could have been killed on that day.

Manchester has moved

Whoever wrote this article wasn’t very good at European geography. When I first read this at 4:45 this morning I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing straight.

(For my friends from the USA, Manchester is a city in northern England and it’s definitely not in Scotland)

Portugal bound flight leaves Scottish airport after 38 hours

BY TPN/PA, IN NEWS · 22-07-2017 12:39:00 · 0 COMMENTS

A flight bound for Portugal has finally left a Scottish airport after a delay of more than 38 hours.

Portugal bound flight leaves Scottish airport after 38 hours


Travellers on a Thomson Airways service FPO811 had been stranded at Aberdeen Airport since Thursday morning after a technical issue with the aircraft.

Ten Thought Saturday

Emirates A-380 landing at Heathrow

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I have some free time finally. Life has been far too busy for comfort recently and sometimes I wonder how I keep going. I have visitors here right now so I have too many things to do. This morning I have to go down to the supermarket. I hate supermarkets, shopping malls, checkouts and shopping in general.  Sometimes I’m tempted to just get everything from a small shop nearby but there’s not much choice and the prices are really high.

I’m trying not to look at the monitor too much because it hurts my eyes but this morning I decided to write a Ten Thought blog so that my friends can read all the things which are currently filling my mind. I was thinking about all these things before getting up and while sitting at my computer desk.

1   Next time you are flying to (or over) the UK, just think that the air traffic controllers there are warning that there are so many flights now that the skies are becoming dangerous, especially over southern England. Yesterday the number of flights hit an all time record at 8,800 for the day. I hate flying.

2   I was thinking of Philippa and Joe in Bournemouth and hoping that Joe is going to make a full recovery soon.

3   How can I effectively get blood stains out of 100% white cotton ? Hot washing with detergent and bleach only partially does the job.

4   I have a new laptop. It’s the first time I have used an American machine. Hewlett Packard. I’m enjoying using it except that the keyboard is in Portuguese so I have to discover and remember where some keys are. It’s a slight irritation but I will be able to manage. A major irritation is that three times so far I have accidentally clipped the wrong key(s) and documents have disappeared in front of my eyes. I must be very careful and back up important documents.

5   I saw the spectacular car chase in Nevada on the news and I remembered the two ‘friends’ , K & J, from Carson City who were enraged and deleted me for unknown reasons but most likely because my political views were different from theirs. That was years ago. I have learned never ever to discuss politics with Americans because in the USA, friends become enemies over politics. It is totally different to the UK where members of the same family can have totally different political views and it’s no problem at all.

6   Yesterday I had to call a plumber because the shower/bath tap has gone on the blink. The plumber is on holiday until next Wednesday and he’s the only one I know. I’m just thankful that it’s not an emergency. A window shutter in the sitting room has locked in the down position so we are in semi darkness there right now.  A hand shower unit has also come loose so that’s three things all at the same time.

7   Grandmother is in Kathmandu at the moment, for medical treatment, and no doubt is seriously missing her village home. She and Flocky (my German Shepherd) are very wary of each other and just about tolerate each other. Yesterday I heard that Flocky had jumped on top of Grandmother who was relaxing on her bed. Poor Grandmother must have been terrified.

8   Today I have to do some cooking. It’s one of my dreads. I hate cooking or anything in the kitchen really. I will make enough food to last three or four days and keep it in the refrigerator so that I won’t have to cook again for some days. Who needs a job?

9   I’m getting old. I hate getting old.  I don’t have nearly as much energy as I used to. When I was last in Bournemouth, I was a bit run down and Philippa gave me a bottle of Metatone Tonic.  I’d never heard of it before and took it for several days and it seemed to do the trick. I picked up really well with it. When I go to Bournemouth I will buy a supply and bring it back to Lisbon with me. I have several items to buy, things which I cannot get here in Lisbon….. Mitchum Men’s deodorant which doesn’t irritate my skin,  Jordan Norwegian toothbrushes which clean really well and seem to last forever, and now a few bottles of Metatone.

View from kitchen windows

10.  I love to see the view from our kitchen windows, looking over the estuary. I must look dozens of times every day. I never get tired of this unusual view. I can also see this view from the computer desk in my bedroom.


Snippets of news from Dai

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Dai's dinner

I was quite proud of my salad creation yesterday evening so I took a picture. It was nothing too exciting although I did enjoy it and Kumar was full of praise for it.

Raw spinach, tomato, olives, black-eyed beans, carrot & lemon with mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, taboule, cheese and ham. Of course we had glasses of white wine with this.

It has been hot here in Lisbon and sometimes uncomfortably humid too. I need to paint the entrance hall but it will be a nightmare in this heat.

My computer seems to be in the final stages of life. It’s painfully slow now. It has served me well and for about five years, running day and night. I think I will take over Kumar’s old machine which is in excellent condition. He is going to buy a new one for himself tomorrow, his day off.

My eyes have been better recently but I am still staying away from my laptop as much as I possibly can.  I just thought I should put in a brief appearance this morning.

I wish all my friends a happy weekend.

Falling off the stepladder

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Cristo Rei

This magnificent scene is thirty minutes walk from my home in Lisbon. It’s quite a stunning view I think. That’s Lisbon City across the estuary. All our visitors walk there to enjoy the scene and to take pictures. We have a lot of guests but because the apartment is so small, we have to let them come one by one or two by two maximum.  Kumar is always very happy when the pretty young ladies visit us hahahaha. He’s working as hard as ever and comes home late at night and goes back to work early next morning.

Two days ago I had a nasty fall. Wow that did give me a big shock. I was coming down the stepladder and suddenly I fell, bringing off my wardrobe door and damaging my bedroom wall. I was actually okay but I was shocked so I rested on my bed for about an hour to get over the shock.  Getting old is sure no fun. I will be much more careful when using the stepladder in the future.

I’m thinking of having a few days in the Canary Islands, just for a change.  It’s close to Portugal….  Tenerife is one of my favourite places and I’ve been there many times. I have several old friends there:- Imeldo and Lola, Teleforro and Candy, Fernando and Maria Carmen and a few more. Maybe this time I’ll go alone because Kumar and the girls have to work. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. I’ll probably stay for a couple of days in La Orotava in the interior and a couple of days near the sea in the south of the island at Playa de Las Americas.

Well it’s time to take my eye drops now and then relax for a while and listen to Sky News before sleeping.

Boa noite everybody.