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Prawns & potatoes from Kumar and Oksana

Finally a blog from:-         Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk

Oxana and Kumar cooking the prawns

A blog after a long time. My friends will know the reason.

Take a peek into the kitchen to see our dinner being prepared. We’re having potatoes and prawns a la Oksana, the Leningrad way. Oksana comes from Murmansk but lives near to Leningrad these days. We’re having super cold beer right now because Lisbon is hot these days. I’m starving so I can’t wait for the food to be ready so I can get my teeth stuck into those large prawns hahaha.

We’ve been sitting here trying to remember the name of those delicious Russian chocolate coated candies which we used to buy in Bournemouth and Tbilisi. I think they are filled with dairy something, maybe yogurt (it’s actually curds)

Today Kumar and Oksana spent the day at the nearby Caparica Beach but I opted out.  I hate sitting on sand.  Caparica Beach goes on for mile after mile and it’s white sand. It’s very famous and popular with Portuguese families and foreign tourists alike. I took the chance to catch up with some things at home and do some relaxing in front of the fan.

These days we’re getting only one sort of weather and that’s blue sky and strong sunshine. I would love some cool rainy days for a change.


11 thoughts on “Prawns & potatoes from Kumar and Oksana

  1. Like you Dai I have also had health problems. I hope you’re on the mend now.Cotinuous 36 degree heat isn’t much fun.In Brisbane we are having 22 degree Winter. LOVELY!

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