Coincidences and regrets

Latest picture of garlanded Flocky edited

Just look at our silly dog celebrating the Holi festival in Kathmandu.  I am missing Flocky more than I can say but now she has a new role in life.She is inseparable with Rasmi in Kathmandu and is her protector and guard dog. I must say that she does a magnificent job and only a seriously foolish person would dare  to enter our home  uninvited.

I won’t be sharing this blog with facebook because it’s sort of personal and only to be shared with my few WordPress friends.  I’m writing my book about my life and of course I’ll be talking about where I’ve lived around the world and about the people I’ve met on the way. This morning I was writing about two amazing coincidences I had in my life with the same person. I had a wonderful girlfriend from Switzerland. I will change her name to Sandra.  One day I was going to meet Sandra in Richmond (London), about twenty miles from my home.  On  the way there, for some inexplicable reason I felt compelled to stop my car at Twickenham Railway Station. I walked into the station and was totally gobsmacked to see Sandra walking up the stairs towards me. God only knows why I stopped in such a place and thank God that I did because I was able to take Sandra with me to Richmond.  Fast forward two years when I was driving to Sandra’s home in Wynigen, Switzerland and again for some creepy reason I felt compelled to stop at Burgdorf Railway Station on the way between Bern and Wynigen, and when I walked into the station, there stood Sandra. We were both  totally gobsmacked at this amazing coincidence.

I’ve never believed in ghosts but many years ago I had a weird and unexplained experience in west Nepal. It sure was scary. It will be in my autobiography and possibly I will write about it here one day.

The biggest regrets of my life ?  Well there have been quite a few but I will list just three or four:-

I have always regretted starting to smoke when I was in school. I stopped twenty years later and can only hope that the damage done has completed healed by now.

When I was in my early teens, my mother was dying of leukemia.  She asked for my help one day and I didn’t give it because I wanted to meet my friends somewhere. I was young and stupid and never realised the serious of the situation. She died soon after and I have regretted my action all my life.

I had a wonderful Hungarian friend. I will change her name to Judit. She married one of my nephews. She came to Nepal but something went wrong between the two of them. I desperately wanted to get them together again in my own peculiar way which meant pretending to take the side of my nephew, so that I could gradually influence him. But the reality was that I wanted him to realise what a wonderful person she was and I always hoped they would settle down together in the end. It didn’t work. The woman turned nasty towards me and I lost one of the best friends of my life. I have always suspected that a mutual Russian ‘friend’ had a lot to do with the break in friendship. The last I heard, she was working in Germany. I should have gone to try to explain.  I suppose everything happens for a reason.

My father suicided himself at the time when he was planning to visit me for three months in India. It’s a long and complicated story but in a nutshell, after getting a distressing letter from my grandmother about my father’s depressed condition, I flew back to the UK as soon as possible. I was too late.

When I was living in Thailand I had a gorgeous German Shepherd, also called Flocky. I took her to stay at a friend’s home while I was away for a few days. She was free to run around on the large piece of land there. We had a phone call from the friends to say that Flocky had been bitten by a cobra. I rushed to  collect her and took her to the Rajabhat Animal Hospital but seven days later she died.

I’ve also compiled a list of some of the best moments of my life but let’s save that for another day. Right now I have to shower and then go out.


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6 thoughts on “Coincidences and regrets

  1. Hi Dai.
    What a touching post. I will sure read your book when it comes out. I am curious to hear about your experiences in life and traveling.
    Those sure were amazing co-incidences with Sandra! Why did you feel like stopping at the Railway Stations only to see Sandra in the same station? I don’t remember any such co-incidences in my life, maybe I have none.. I am excited to hear your paranormal experience in West Nepal. I’ve always been skeptical about the presence of the paranormal and god.
    I am so sorry to hear about your parents and your dear passed dog Flocky.. The photo of Nepali Flocky is great! I’d like to have a dog in the future, but only if I own a house with a backyard as I think I am too lazy to walk the dog two or three times a day and my boyfriend is the same.

    1. Hi Pooja. I really doubt if I will ever finish and attempt to publish my life story but it could happen. The thing is that I have no idea why I had to stop at the two stations. Both times I just felt compelled to stop and look. So weird for me to remember it all.

      I’m still cooking lunch so back to the kitchen. Shall I have a glass of wine with lunch ?

  2. Hello Dai, Flocky is such a beautiful shepherd. My dog, Fire looks a bit like her too. He’s a stray but he has the German Shepherd look. My hubby calls him the Malaysian Shepherd…haha. Looking forward to your new book. Guess all of us have our share of coincidences and regrets. But I believe that’s what makes us who we are today. Keep writing, Dai! ✍(◔◡◔)

    1. Thanks, Pat. I will tell Flocky what you said. I love that ‘The Malaysian Shepherd’ It’s 1:40 am here so I must go back to sleep fast. Take care, Pat.

  3. Dai! Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with your online friends. About a week back I was reminiscing with a friend and I was telling her about learning to play wheel chair basketball whilst I was in nursing training and how I also nursed patients who were in “iron lung” because of paraplegia due to spinal injuries . She said I should write my experiences to share with my family! It won’t happen 🙂
    Do keep telling us about Flocky. Pat’s “Malaysian Shepherd” would be called a Heinz Shepherd in Oz (57 varieties 😉 Doesn’t matter what breed (altho I prefer G Shepherds and Sable Collies myself) any dog is a great friend. Sweet dreams.

    1. It’s good to hear from you, Maureen. Do you know that I’ve never sat in a wheelchair? But I’ve often wondered how it must be. My problem with writing is that every time I read what I’ve written, I don’t like it and want to write it a different way. It’s a huge project that needs endless time and I don’t have that. We have so much going on here. 57 varieties? hahaha that made me laugh. Sweet dreams back, Maureen. Dai

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