Typing mixed thoughts at 2:28 am

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I must be mad, sitting here typing at 2:28 am. My mind was too active and I couldn’t sleep.

It was great to get back home yesterday. I love home, the place where I can relax best. I also love going away sometimes but coming home is always best.

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to comment so much on WordPress and facebook. Time is so difficult to get sometimes and this last week has been crazy for me. These days I  tend to comment to friends who also bother to read my blogs and make comments. That’s fair. The big problem in WordPress is that we must have a WordPress ID to be able to make comments. And most friends don’t have a WordPress ID.

What can be better than getting emails from family and friends ? I love getting them and the pictures  of Flocky which Russ sends me sometimes from Kathmandu. Wow the big news for our family last week was that Moti will go on a Korean sponsored healthcare course to South Korea. That probably doesn’t sound like any big deal for many people but it sure is something big for a healthcare worker from a high Himalayan village. I wish I could be in Nepal to go with Moti to Kathmandu Airport to see her on her way to Incheon. I am so excited for her.

Last week I has messages from Keiji in Germany, my cousin Frank and an old Thai friend called Jiem. I have answered everybody and hoping to hear back soon.  I will never stop appreciating the magic of the internet and instant communication with anybody around the world.

One of my highlights of last week was that Bournemouth drew 1-1 with Manchester United.  I was expecting Man Utd to wipe the floor with Bournemouth but it didn’t happen. Bournemouth is where I have my UK home so it’s natural that I should support their football team.

Yesterday I spent some time after getting back, thinking of friendships old and new. Friends come and friends go but the real ones are there forever. In my thinking nothing is worse than having a fake fair weather friend. Maybe we’ve all had them. They never stop thinking about themselves.  They disappear as quickly as they arrived and of course after gaining as much advantage and help as they can. I have always taken friendship very seriously.  But in general I’ve had many real and fantastic friendships in my life and I have many friendships which go back thirty, forty years and more. I love such friendships that are not  based only on money, advantages, university enrolments and visas.

Well now it’s 2:43 am already and time to sleep. Today will be a busy day and I have much to do and to think about.

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20 thoughts on “Typing mixed thoughts at 2:28 am

  1. Dai the best part of a travel is when we come back home…. I also feel the nostalgia of coming back, and when you are in home for long you again crave for an outing…… Man is a wanderer by heart…………..

    1. Hello Sudhir ! Yes that’s right. Great to get back and then I’ll be craving again.

  2. Good morning Dai. You traveled somewhere? I like being comfortable at home – it’s like a sanctuary where I can relax and be the most comfortable, although I do like going away once in a while too. Since I have been moving around a bit since I left Nepal over 5 years ago, the friendships have come and gone in my life, some have stayed but it’s hard when you don’t see each other anymore. I never had a group of friends when growing up, as I always preferred one or two very good friends instead, but many of those past best friendships have withered or ended due to many reasons.. misunderstandings, jealousy, distance etc. I do enjoy virtual friendships through my blog though 🙂

    1. Greetings, Pooja. Yesterday I travelled all the way to north Lisbon, to the social security office. I was expecting a tough time registering my form S1 from the UK but I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and pleasantness of the staff. Yes I really take it to heart when friends disappear for no apparent reason and that confirms my suspicions that I was only being used. Virtual friends can be fantastic, Pooja. That’s right. I do get irritated though when people add me and then never bother to say hello. I guess that’s happened to you too. I always make the effort to keep in touch but many people never even say hello in years.

  3. i know what you mean! I regularly update my friend list on Facebook for that reason because it’s strange having people on your friend list who never say hello, it feels like they might be just stalking. Hehe. Has spring arrived in Lisbon already, Dai? On the day we arrived from Guangzhou, I was told that it was a whopping 17 degrees here in Lodz!! Now it’s 6 degrees but that means no more gloves, hats and scarves for me, finally! 😀

    1. Spring is here, Pooja, but nights are still cold. Today will be 22c with wall to wall sunshine. Thursday is forecast to be 26c. I’m ready !

      1. Soooo jealous!! Enjoy the sunshine, Dai! 26 degrees is just the perfect temperature for me. Not too hot, and not cold.

      2. Well I wish I could send you some, Pooja.

  4. You’re right, Dai. Life is too short for fake friends. ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

    1. Hello Pat. What are you doing there today? I have another very busy day lined up here. Thanks for the comment, Pat. Take care.

      1. I’ve been doing the same old stuff – sending the girls to school, cooking, washing etc. Every day is a roller coaster ride….hehe. Happy working and stay safe, Dai. (*^▽^)/

      2. Thanks, Pat. Some days I don’t know how I will do everything and some days I feel like doing nothing but that’s difficult.

      3. Yup, that’s how I feel too on bad days. Guess that’s part of the life journey. So, I always tell myself to keep going.
        ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  5. I am sorry about losing your precious dog in that awful way. I similarly lost a pet as a child, but not to a cobra, but an unknown predator! The Flocky in the photo looks like such a sweet, strong dog, and having just lost my old Schnauzer of 16 years, I can imagine how you are feeling. I am consoled by my younger dog, but my goodness, they take up so much of one’s heart that when they move on…. we are bereft! I love the sound of your ghost stories and that intuition of yours – listen to it, as it sounds spot on!

    1. Hello Amanda. Thanks for the comment and you are right about dogs taking over our hearts. I’m missing my German Shepherd (Flocky) very, very much these days.

      1. Will you get another dog, Dai?

      2. I’m desperate to, Amanda, but right now I’m living in a city apartment with no grass around. One day ………………..

      3. Oh that is sad. Isn’t the apartment pet friendly or do you prefer larger sized dog breed? Australia is slowly becoming get publicly more pet friendly. Some cafes allow dogs in certain areas and a few owner apartments (not rentals). I thought Europe was more open to pets in public places?

      4. Well some people in this block do have small dogs. If I had a garden here my first thing would be to buy a German Shepherd. I wouldn’t be able to take her out for walks myself due to my disability but my nephew would take care of that.

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