Turmeric, immune system boost, anti cancer, anti-inflammatory, super for your skin problems, great for your arthritic joints, a wonderful antioxidant

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I guess there are many people who will think my turmeric and coconut breakfast is disgusting and to be frank, so did I at first but as with so many other things, we get used to them and start to like them. Now I am almost addicted to this simple but AMAZINGLY HEALTHY breakfast of coconut with turmeric which has dramatically improved my health. Oh I almost forgot to mention that turmeric is supposed to kill cancer cells too. I wish I’d known all about the health benefits of turmeric many years ago.

It takes just two or three minutes to prepare and I do it this way.

Two or three tablespoons dedicated coconut

1 level teaspoon turmeric powder

Quarter teaspoon black pepper

Half teaspoon ginger powder

Quarter teaspoon cinnamon powder

Half teaspoon EV olive oil

1 teaspoon honey

Enough soya milk to mix everything into a smooth paste.

If you are diabetic, leave out the honey and use a little more milk. It doesn’t taste nearly as nice but it is still palatable.

That’s the remains of my breakfast in the above picture. I also had toast and banana and a mug of tea

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22 thoughts on “Turmeric, immune system boost, anti cancer, anti-inflammatory, super for your skin problems, great for your arthritic joints, a wonderful antioxidant

  1. I’ve heard a lot about the goodness of turmeric, Dai. But it doesn’t taste nice though. I would sometimes sprinkle it on my fried noodles or fried rice. Hmmm…do you think it’ll taste good if I mixed the turmeric powder with oats? I might just try it tomorrow. (*^▽^)/

    1. Hello Pat. Nice to hear from you. You are right. Turmeric doesn’t taste at all nice but added to some things it is quite okay to take. I really don’t fancy it with oats but you could try. It goes well with lentil soup and instant noodles or pasta dishes but don’t add too much. Oh yes we also add it to mashed potato here but again, not too much. The most palatable way of taking it I’ve found is with coconut and honey, the way I’ve described in my blog.

      1. Thanks, Dai. I will try it with coconut and honey tomorrow. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

      2. Well come for breakfast tomorrow and we can eat it together

      3. It’s been great having breakfast with you, Dai. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good this actually taste.Thanks again. (*⌒∇⌒*)

      4. Good morning, Pat. I was amazed when I first tried it. I was expecting it to taste awful but I actually liked it.

      5. Me too, Dai. Have a great day! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

      6. I do, it’s 11:19 am now here in Malaysia.

      7. Malaysia? I never knew you were there. I always thought you were in the UK.

      8. Haha, I wish I’m in UK. It’s scorching hot in this part of the world.

      9. Yes I know. I’ve experienced Malaysia and Singapore a few times. Too hot for me.

      10. Yes, it’s too hot for my girls too. They want to live in a country where they can build a snowman..you know like Olaf in the Frozen movie. LOL!

      11. I think I prefer cooler climates too although these days I am living in Lisbon where the summers are long and hot

      12. I heard the beaches there are beautiful.

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    Turmeric and coconut breakfast for better health! ~(=^‥^)_旦~

  3. Yum! That sounds delicious! I want to try it!

    1. Greetings Wildersoul. You can try it easily as long as you have the things in your cupboard. It just takes a few minutes to throw together. We’re not on New Zealand time here so it’s breakfast time and I’m about to make it right now.

      1. Oh that’s hardcase! Enjoy your breakfast – I am about to call it a night (Just catching up on blog comments before I go!) Have a wonderful day! 🙂

      2. Have a great sleep, Anasera. I think I can hear you snoring already.

  4. I think I will stick with my Turmeric capsules and Coconut yoghurt!

    1. Hi Maureen. I’m also a coconut yogurt fan. These days I make my own Greek yogurt and eat it with some fruit. I don’t add any sugar or honey.

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