A Search in Secret India (for fake gurus)

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Personally I have never sought any guru but I have met hundreds of people in India and Nepal who have followed a guru at some time. We have all seen those people dressed in orange with mantra beads and a picture of Bhagwan Rajneesh hanging from their necks. I once stayed in Poona (western India) very near to the Rajneesh Ashram where I met many, many Rajneesh disciples. I was never for one minute tempted into the ashram because I simply never believed in gurus at all.

Four or five years ago I was invited to a function cum ceremony in the home of a Sai Baba follower who lived near the Shrestha household in Kathmandu.  Well frankly I couldn’t understand most of what was being said there and I was intensely uncomfortable sitting on that hard floor for an hour but the food and snacks afterwards were tasty. It was an interesting experience but I really think all the people there were being brainwashed by some Sai Baba followers. This event reminded me of a book I had read several years ago about fake Indian gurus but unfortunately I could no longer remember the title of the book nor the author. I thought about this book many times over the past few years and did so many searches to find the name and author but all to no avail. A few weeks ago while searching for something completely different online, I discovered the name of the book. ‘A Search in Secret India’ written by Doctor Paul Brunton.  This book exposes many fake gurus and is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. I ordered the book from Amazon but when I received it, the print was  unfortunately far too small for me to read without the help of a magnifying glass. Never mind because finally I have that book in my collection. I’m going to read some of it this afternoon while sitting down near the boats.

Well I suppose we also have the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and so many strange denominations and other man invented groups in the Christian Church.  My God is nature. I am a firm believer in nature. Nature is alive and not fully understood by man.  I spend a lot of time thinking about this subject.

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2 thoughts on “A Search in Secret India (for fake gurus)

  1. this has become a huge business Dai….. its very difficult to find a guru who is devoid of desires and who can guide a soul and not body…….

    1. Ekdum namaste, Sudhir. Yes I realise. Followers are so easily fooled into parting with their money. A lot of incredibly nice people among those followers though. I could never be a follower. I need to think everything out for myself. My best wishes to you Sudhir.

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