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Mixed thoughts from Dai

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Sunday is here once again. I can’t believe that a whole week has gone by already. This morning I found myself with some free time and that’s a rarity these days. I love those sunny clear mornings when I have time to sit and think. Once again I am thinking of the best place(s) to live. My heart is in the UK where I have my permanent home but the weather there is so awful much of the time. Being down here in the sunshine is far better I think.


Does anybody know the name of this type of tree ? It’s so incredibly unusual. I wish I could have a large piece of land where I could grow lots of unusual plants and trees.

This morning I couldn’t get Kathmandu out of my mind. I wish it wasn’t so far away so I could afford to fly there often. It’s a very long journey with either one or two changes of flight on the way and I’m getting too old to have frequent long flights. I was also thinking of the family and Flocky, remembering the village and everybody in Gorkha. I thought of dalbhat, afternoon rotis, samosas too spicy for me to eat. And I remembered when I ate buffalo brain in Tebahal. Such wonderful days are now memories for when I have some free time.



8 thoughts on “Mixed thoughts from Dai

  1. I have no idea what the tree is, but looks very tropical. Funny, I do not miss very much at all from England – although perhaps Cadbury’s Milk Flakes. I used to bring a few home from London. Otherwise there is always the British Shop online, but we can get quite good marmelade from Migros. I do not miss Christmas Pudding or hot cross buns, and I do not really miss London – for me now just a place for a sighseeing trip. After the last years when I visited my dad in his care home and stayed with my friend, I only saw Dagenham and the surroundings – not the most romantic place on earth. It was not a holiday but a duty. To be honest I now enjoy my freedom of not having to do anything, just preserve my life.

    • Hi Pat. I don’t really miss much from England because we have almost everything in Portugal at cheaper prices. When anybody comes, I ask them to bring Marmite or any yeast extract and sometimes Bisto gravy although I can make my own gravy now. I make it with atta and Marmite. I’ve never been to Dagenham but I went to Southend with my Grandmother when I was a whippersnapper. That freedom feels wonderful, Pat. Shame our bones grow old so we can’t roam as much.

    • Hi Maureen and good morning to you. I love palms and we have them in Portugal but different varieties. One tree we have a lot of in Lisbon is jacaranda and whole avenues lined with them. They sure get messy underfoot but they look such a treat when in bloom. Do you get them where you live ?

  2. Hi Dai. Good morning to you. I am just back from Philippines and sitting at my work desk today having a hard time to catch up or focus at work. Luckily it’s not that cold here anymore with about 7 degrees today plus some rains. I also wish Kathmandu was nearer, it’s too far and expensive to visit more often.. Do you know when you will go Dai? I saw some very cheap tickets to Kathmandu from Bratislava a few days ago, but since I am planning to invite my family for a visit here this summer, I’ll probably not go. Philippines was so amazing, Dai. I will post about the places I visited on the blog soon, but for now I am terribly jet-lagged (12.5 hours non-stop from Guangzhou alone plus a lot of waiting at other airports like Amsterdam, Manila etc..). I am not too adventurous to try buffalo brains Dai. The only “weird” meat items I enjoy are fried lungs of goat and guts of chicken and goat (fried in my style).

    • Hi Pooja. I miss you every time you go somewhere. Glad you’re back to comment and write blogs again. I was remembering you two days ago when there was a great programme on TV about sailing around the Philippine Islands and the last stop was Palawan. Pooja, I don’t have any weird meat choices any more. In fact I often struggle with chicken breast too and that’s the only meat I eat. I’m still okay with fish though. I would never be able to put goat lung in my mouth. Waiting for your first Palawan blog, Pooja.

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