O Resgate do Ryan Soldado, cooking spinach, Palawan

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We are lucky because Kumar can buy huge bunches of spinach from a fruit & vegetable wholesale market here in Lisbon. It costs almost nothing to buy and spinach forms an essential part of the Nepalese food I cook at home frequently. With the garlic, spices, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and EV olive oil, it becomes an incredibly tasty part of the meal. I must admit that I loathe the washing and chopping part but it has to be done. That’s what I have been doing this morning and now the spinach curry is ready to be stored in the fridge for use in the next few days.


I watched an incredible movie here two days ago. I don’t suppose anyone has heard of it.  It is:-  O Resgate do Ryan Soldado and translated to English means something like ‘Saving Soldier Ryan’  I don’t usually get too engrossed in most movies but I did with this one. There was also a brilliant documentary from from Palawan in the Philippines, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.  The main theme of this documentary was the illegal sale and smuggling of turtles and I loved the Palawan scenery. The Palawan picture above is not mine. I googled for it.  The Philippines is one of my favourite world destinations and I have discovered some incredible places there. I have also had some very  hair raising moments of danger while travelling inter island on the small pump boats.

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2 thoughts on “O Resgate do Ryan Soldado, cooking spinach, Palawan

  1. Hi Dai. Long time, no see!

    I just saw your blog post. I love spinach too! But we don’t find those fresh ones here in Poland 😦 They come packed in plastic bags, or in frozen form. I usually cook them with potatoes, garlic and spices. And generous amount of tomatoes. So good!
    I’ve had goat curry last week, it was so delicious! It was given to me by the few Nepalese living here who have contact with a Polish farmer who raises farm animals including goats not too far from here. Getting Nepalese groceries and delicacies here is not so easy here! I suppose it’s much better in Portugal in that case.
    The documentary sounds interesting Dai! Such a co-incidence that I just posted about my upcoming trip to Palawan on my blog, here is the link https://lostinprettyeurope.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/going-to-the-philippines-looking-for-suggestions/

    Hope all is going well on your end Dai! 🙂

    1. Hi Pooja. Yes, you have been quite quiet so I was thinking that you’d already gone to Palawan. You know, Pooja, that there are so many Nepali run small shops here in Lisbon. In fact they seem to be everywhere. There is one very close to where I live. I normally buy spices from a Nepali mini supermarket called Darshan; haldi, dal chini, ginger, curry powder, chilli, sauf etc. What is your departure date, Pooja ?

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