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I have discovered an effective way to lose weight

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Turmeric, curcumin, Ground.

This morning I was watching the news on Sky TV and I saw a crowd of incredibly obese people protesting outside the Tom Bradley Arrivals Terminal in Los Angeles Airport. I have been a bit overweight in recent years so after seeing that wobbly crowd of protesters on TV I decided to check my weight in the bathroom. It is 98.5 kilos this morning, the lowest for years. My mood is great after seeing that. The last time I weighed myself was about a month ago and I was celebrating getting down to 98.7 kilos. Now I’m down to 98.5 and I’m not going to stop until I’ve lost another ten kilos. It will take some months more I think. Anyway I have now lost 9 kilograms (20 lbs) since I changed my eating habits.

I am not following any plan but I have eliminated almost all sugar and fat from my diet and much of my beloved carbohydrate too. I don’t eat dinner in the evenings but I have a small snack instead, like plain cornflakes with skimmed milk or a banana or an orange. I eat a good lunch and include lots of vegetables and salad.

For breakfast each morning I eat a plain, unsweetened yogurt with some added fruit, strawberries, grapes or banana usually, followed by a little dedicated coconut with black pepper, ginger and a teaspoonful of turmeric. That’s hard to eat so I break my sugar rule and add a small teaspoonful of honey and a little skimmed milk and mix it all and it serves as a tasty breakfast desert.

Losing weight is difficult for most people but it can be done and I’ve proved it to myself. I’m feeling much better in myself .  I’m starting to wonder if taking so much turmeric is changing things in my body because I’ve noticed that any tummy troubles, skin problems, cuts, wounds etc seem to be disappearing really fast since I’ve been taking a lot of turmeric every day. I’m going to research this online as soon as I get the free time. In Luma’s village the people make their own turmeric from the Curcuma longa plant so we get a plentiful supply and more than we can use at home. I bring back a supply each time I come back from Kathmandu but it’s not enough and I need to buy the powder from an Indian shop here in Lisbon.


4 thoughts on “I have discovered an effective way to lose weight

  1. Turmeric was one of my favourite Indian spices. Some restaurants would cheat and use it for yellow colouring instead of saffran because it was cheaper. There are many ways of living and eating healthy and it seems to me that everyone has to find their own system. Having MS, it seems to divert my attention from other problems and at the moment I feel OK. I had a big digestive problem when I was taking cholesterol medication, but since I no longer take it I am fine. Weight goes up and down, but as long as my clothing size remains, I am ok with it.

    • Oh I know about that trick, Pat. It is quite common in India too. My weight also goes up and down but the mean line is downwards. I have literally dozens of pais of trousers, many brand new, size 38 which is one size too small for me. You can guess my ambition now.

  2. Good on you Dai, losing and maintaining a lower body weight: My weight loss of last year has disappeared due most probably to drinking too many soft drinks and fruit juices during our Summer.. I also use turmeric as a relief for arthritis in my hands and feet….much easier to swallow than your way, as I use capsules.
    Hypoglycaemia is normally associated with patients taking medication for Diabetes Mellitus. I periodically see it affect a friend, especially when she is LATE in having a good breakfast.
    Have you checked out the Wikipedia article?

    • It’s nice to hear from you, Maureen. I also need a good breakfast or probably I’ll get an attack mid to late morning. I’m sorry you lost your weight loss. I haven’t taken any fizzy drinks for two or three years and I rarely drink fruit juice. I drink water or tea or skimmed milk or beer or wine Yes I know the article, Maureen. Is it hot there right now ?

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