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Has anybody else heard of hypoglycemia ?

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I wonder who has heard of hypoglycemia.  It’s something I have suffered from all my life. I remember when I was a child  I would get dizzy spells when I was too hungry. My mother also had a similar problem. Hypoglycemic sufferers should be careful not to become too hungry because we never know when we can get an attack.  Usually when an attack is coming on, I get warning symptoms. I feel weak and light headed and my hands start to shake. When this happens I need to eat fast, eat anything handy and then lie down for twenty minutes or so until the symptoms have disappeared. I remember one time a few years ago that I felt an attack coming on when I was in a supermarket in Kathmandu. I immediately took a food item off a shelf and ate it as fast as I could. Of course I took the wrapper to the checkout and paid for it. I wonder what the cashier was thinking of me that morning. Very often I carry a small amount of food in my backpack when I go out somewhere, just in case I get an attack.  Or if I have no food I will dive into the nearest shop and buy anything I can to eat fast. I was writing about these experiences this morning and remembered a time when I was in a friend’s home in Winton and I felt an attack coming. I explained this to the friend who immediately found a piece of chicken in his refrigerator, the problem was solved and I recovered in about fifteen minutes.  Not everybody was happy that I had eaten the piece of chicken and at that time I was feeling very bad and wondered if I should offer to pay for the piece of chicken. I wish I could have avoided that situation but when we get an attack, we have to react immediately and eat anything as fast we can or it’s possible to go into a coma in the worst scenario..

I would love to hear from any other hypoglycemic sufferers and know how they deal with the problem. Most people are unable to comment against my blogs here in WordPress because we must have a WordPress ID to do that. But my email address is:-   Anthonyslark@yahoo.co.uk and same for facebook messages.


2 thoughts on “Has anybody else heard of hypoglycemia ?

  1. Yes a hypoglycemic attack happens when the sugar in your blood gets too low. I think it’s usually connected with diabetes, but you’ve had it since you were a young boy. I would advise you always make sure you have a sweet or something on your person at all times. Those biscuit things with fruit in them would be ideal. It must be worrying having that.

    • It’s not so bad, Jenny, probably because I’ve grown up with it. I just have to take care when I go outside for more than a short time. That’s easy too because I can just carry a small snack in my pocket or backpack. I can really eat like a horse though, when I get an attack.

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