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The visiting season is beginning.

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We love to have visitors here and we have had lots of guests since we came to live in this tiny apartment but unfortunately we can only accept one person at a time except in very rare circumcisions. The problem is that we only have two bedrooms and one is so small that there’s almost no place to walk in that room. We have an IKEA spare single mattress which guests can use in the sitting room but that room is ridiculously small so when guests are in bed we are unable to use the sitting room at all except for passing through on the way to the kitchen or bathroom. We have been trying unsuccessfully to move to a larger apartment but I think that we’ll have to stay here for several months yet, until the severe accommodation shortage eases in Lisbon.  Lisbon has become incredibly popular with tourists and travellers over the past two or three years and in the high season many hotels and hostels are fully booked and must refuse guests. Except in the cold, monsoon winter season, Lisbon is hot and dry year round, usually between March and November when there are tens of thousands of tourists in every corner of the city.

I’m thinking of having a few days in Tenerife. I wish there were direct flights from Lisbon but we must travel via Madrid or other cities and it’s expensive that way. I also wish there was a sea ferry because it’s really not very far from here. I haven’t had a break for a while so a few days in the warm Canary Islands sounds very appealing right now.



4 thoughts on “The visiting season is beginning.

  1. Lodz is the complete opposite of Lisbon, it’s very local and receives so few tourists hehe. Canary islands sound awesome, Dai! I’d love to go there myself one day. There are actually many direct connections from Polish cities to Canary Islands during summer offered by budget airlines. Do they have warm enough temperatures for swimming these days already?

    • Hi Pooja. You would love the Canary Islands, especially if you got away from the mass tourism areas. I doubt if it’s warm enough to swim in the sea right now but possibly. Can you swim, Pooja ?

      • Yes I can swim, Pooja. But now I am old so my swimming won’t be too strong maybe. I can’t imagine Nepalese girls swimming somehow hehehe

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