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Watching the Donald Show on TV. Dai’s rotis

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I don’t know who else is watching the Donald Show but I find the whole thing pathetic and somewhat entertaining.  This guy has sure hit the headlines around the world and even people in the Himalayas are discussing Donald Trump more than anything else it seems. I do feel sorry for those poor air passengers with US green cards who are being denied entry to the USA at New York and other international airports.  And now we have the judge who has ordered a temporary stay so those passengers cannot be deported.. I wonder how all this is going to end and how Theresa May is now feeling after being photographed holding the President’s hand in the White House.

As bad a cook as I am, I want to learn  how to make rotis. I love them. Rasmi & Rekha used to make them sometimes as an afternoon snack together with potato and pea curry. I miss those days very much and now never have any rotis so I must learn. I’ve seen some videos on the internet so I will follow them and try to learn how to make them. Kumar says that he tried years ago but it always ended in failure. When the girls get here from Nepal, I hope we’ll be getting good rotis and curry again. A couple of weeks ago a local Nepalese friend made some exquisite samosas which she brought here one evening. They were the best samosas I have tasted in my life.  Pooja, do you make samosas and rotis ?

I am gradually getting more online as my eyes improve but I am being very careful and won’t be spending nearly as much time online as before. It means I might not be commenting so much as I used to and sorry about that but I must protect my eyesight first.


6 thoughts on “Watching the Donald Show on TV. Dai’s rotis

  1. My Indian friends taught me how to make them and I am not bad now. It took ages for me to practice getting them perfectly round. But if you go online there are videos on how to make them – the rest is patience. If you cannot find good chapatti flour use bread flour.

    • Hi Sol. I don’t think we need them to be perfectly round and of course we can always cut them with some scissors after cooking. When I mix with boiling water, I seem to get a slimy mess so I need to do a lot of research I think. I’m not really into cooking but I do love rotis. I will post some pictures later, Sol, when I get it right.

  2. Perfect round roti is hard to make but if you don’t care much about the shape, I am sure you can make roti :). I will be eating lots of them when we will be in Nepal next week :).
    We are talking about Trump here too, he is really famous for all the wrong reason.
    Hope your eyes get better soon Dai. Take care.

    • Hi Australian. I’m so envious that you’re going to Kathmandu next week. It’s a long journey for you but you will be so happy to be seeing your friends and family again. I will try making rotis as soon as I can find a rolling pin. I’m not too worried about the shape because we have good sharp scissors in the kitchen so I can make them round. I’ll post some pictures eventually when I get my act together. Take care, Australian, and have a safe flight. Will you use Thai Airways or Cathay Pacific ?

  3. Hi Dai. I sometimes make samosas, and it’s funny but my boyfriend does the dough and shape part while I do the filling, because somehow he is better at it 😀 We just used YT once to teach ourselves, and all my Polish friends who have tried it have since become a fan. I don’t make rotis because I don’t really like them. I like naan and parathas but I don’t like plain rotis. I made parathas once and it turned out quite good, I didn’t really care about the shape that much. Hope you can have some delicious rotis soon Dai! Just give it a try and let us know. 🙂

    • Greetings, Pooja. So you are making your boyfriend do the hard work. Good on you. I always think that kneading the dough is the hardest part of making anything. When I manage to do some rotis successfully, Pooja, I will take a picture and post it here. Have a pleasant day, Pooja. Best everything from Dai

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