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Am I the only person who has never been to Starbucks ?

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Beautiful Portuguese Beach..JPG

I feel like I’ve disappeared lately. The truth is that lots of things have been happening here and I haven’t had much time to be online. Going back about a month ago I was having a problem with my eyes due to excessive hours online. My eyes are now much better but we have been bogged down here by things to do and fighting against the bureaucracy here.

Portugal has been cold. I mean cold for Portugal. Parts of Portugal have had minus temperatures but Lisbon has been down to about 4c as far as I remember. The days are mostly sunny and the afternoons warm and up to about 16c in the sunshine. We have been trying to move into a larger apartment but no luck so far. It’s the terrible bureaucracy which is against us. We will have to rent somewhere soon because of our changing circumstances. I am trying to find somewhere which is within walking distance to Kumar’s workplace so that he can save his transport costs. We’ll worry about the girls when they get jobs.

Am I the only person left who has never been to Starbucks ?  People are amazed to hear that but it’s true. I’ve never been nor wanted to go. I don’t drink much coffee and usually have a strong preference for tea. I also have quite a preference for eating and drinking at home except of course when I’m travelling or touring.


6 thoughts on “Am I the only person who has never been to Starbucks ?

  1. Hi Dai. What a stunning photo up there from Portugal. Have you been to the Algarve area? I’d really like to go someday but I suspect the water might not be as clear and blue as on Greek islands. I love the water on Greek islands, it’s my absolute favorite. I am so longing for sunshine and warmer days Dai. It has been a cold winter this year with a lot of snowfall. Snow is pretty and it does lighten things up in winter. I was so surprised to see the news of snowfall in Dubrovnik and Kotor and all those southern places in the news the other day! I hope you’ll sort out your apartment issues soon, Dai. We’ll also be needing to deal with the burueaucracy soon because I want to invite my family for a visit during May/June and that involves a lot of paperwork since my boyfriend (I can’t because I am neither PR or citizen of Poland) wants to officially sponsor them. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Hi Pooja. Thanks but it’s not my picture. It’s from one of the tourist sites. I haven’t been down to the Algarve yet but hopefully this year I’ll make it.
      I’ve never been to the Greek Islands either. Maybe one day. May and June should be nice there and I bet you are so excited to see your parents there in Lodz. I hope you will conquer the bureaucracy smoothly. Here the cold snap continues and I’m well wrapped up. Even Kumar has taken to sleeping with a hot water bottle so it must be really cold. Last night I had 2.1/2 glasses of Portuguese champagne and the cold just disappeared hehehe. Enjoy your snow, Pooja but keep it all up there.

  2. Hi Dai, Glad to hear your are still around, even if not so much.I have never been to Starbucks, would have to travel to Bern or Zürich probably and I do not drink coffee. It does not like me and so I avoid it when I can. Hope you find somewhere soon to move to.

    • Hi Pat. I just have the occasional cup of plain old Nescafe. We’re still battling against the authorities trying to buy a place but maybe we’ll have to settle for renting.

  3. Starbucks tried to make a go of it in Oz, but didn’t succeed. If we buy a cup of coffee, Aussies prefer the real THING I use an old fashioned percolator,

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