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Feliz Ano Novo de Lisboa (Happy New Year from Lisbon)

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For those of you who didn’t come to this great city for the New Year, it’s a huge mistake. Lisbon is now the ‘in’ city in Europe and visitors are here by the tens of thousands all year round and even in winter when Lisbon is the warmest capital in Europe. Lisbon is  wide open and the welcome from these amazing Portuguese is as warm as ever. It’s a really friendly country with the most warm and helpful people you can wish to meet.

This evening I would love to be able  to go down to the centre to see our amazing firework display but as in every winter I am having painful problems with my left knee so I have decided to stay at home and let all the younger ones enjoy the night in my place.  Kumar will go down with  Santos, Pradeep and the girls.  We are going to enjoy a bottle of Portuguese champagne with a special lunch today and I think I will have a couple of beers with Phil later. This afternoon a Nepali friend will drop by for a chat as well so it’s going to be a busy day here.

Have fun everybody and happy new year to all my friends and relatives in WordPress and facebook.


6 thoughts on “Feliz Ano Novo de Lisboa (Happy New Year from Lisbon)

  1. Hi Dai. My best wishes to you for the New Year.
    Portugal is indeed a country full of friendly people, Dai. I have a great experience with that. I hope your New Year’s eve and day went fine? I was at a wedding party of a co-worker at a pub, and before midnight, we went outside for seeing the firework display everywhere on the sky. We were quite far from the city center, so I didn’t get to see the bigger display of fireworks organized by an entertainment center here in the middle of the city. I love fireworks so much. Growing up in Nepal during Tihar, we had such scarce supply of these and later at the time of civil war, it was banned and we had to rely on relatives/friends bringing it from India. Always in short supply and far less variety than here.
    I got sick since the Eve with flu, and am just recovering. I’m glad that I feel much better today with just household remedies, like a lot of green tea, rest, soups and taking steam. Tomorrow we’re off to Prague but the weather there is predicted to be between -8 to -16 degrees depending on the time of the day, Dai! Crazy! Have to pack really well.
    I hope your day is going fine, Dai. We have lovely, thick and fresh snow here, and the environment is quite bright because of that.

    • Hi Pooja. It’s been very quiet here in WordPress over Christmas and New Year, so you haven’t missed much. Get well soon, Pooja. It must be so cold up there so I guess you are well wrapped up and staying in the warm. Even down here it gets very cold sometimes and as low as 5c overnight. I bet your fresh snow looks good but still I’m glad we don’t get it here in Lisbon. Now it’s 4:09 and soon it will start getting dark. I will make a mug of tea and fill a hot water bottle and sit in my favourite armchair and watch Househunters International on the TV. Talk to you later Pooja.

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